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Genius Affiliate Blueprint

Proven, Current, Affiliate Marketing Strategies Can Get YOU To Daily Commissions And Long Term Revenue.

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You’ve heard it before… the money is in the list! Discover quickly how to build credibility and SALES by nurturing your list using our blueprint!

Apply to be an affiliate for THE hottest products
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(Without a track record!) YES we show you how! Add: Point by Point checklists and videos walk you through every step

WHY you need to filter your traffic… and HOW to do it!

Learn what we do to yield up to 100% conversions by using our battle tested filtration technique that almost no one is using.

How to create converting ad campaigns for
as little as $5

That’s right, you don’t need a big budget to drive traffic to your offer – and we show you HOW!

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D2 Savior Blueprint

Have You Spent Your Hard Earned Money Building A List Only To Have People Not Buy and Immediately Unsubscribe?

(Have you seen your unsubscribes sky-rocket when you email your new list in the message following the free gift? Don’t you feel like tearing your hair out when subscribers do that?)

When A prospect swipes your free gift and runs, it’s extremely frustrating!

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[BARBLING] NEWBIE FRIENDLY Simple SEO Blueprint Gives YOU First Page Google Rankings… Guaranteed!


Better than “on Page” SEO, better than “off Page” SEO…

49 Year Old Jersey Housewife Reveals Crazy Tactic Using Social SEO that
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Like these….

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Your 2014 Success Blueprint: Report Formula Reloaded



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[MOBILE BIZ SUCCESS] The Most Comprehensive Blueprint on Selling SMS/Text Marketing Services!

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Beginners Blueprint To $100 A Day

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Azon Commission Blueprint

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FastAttackPENGUIN – The Exact Blueprint We Use To Rank Brand New Sites At #1 AFTER The Google Penguin Update!

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Google’s ‘Penguin‘ Update Didn’t Make Ranking Websites For IM Income Harder. It Actually Did All Of Us A Big Favor By Making Everything EASIER…
“How We Rank Brand New Sites On Page 1 Using Penguin-Friendly Methods That Google LOVES…And How To Get Older Sites BACKWhere They Belong After A Penguin Slap!”
INTRODUCING FastAttackPenguin:

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No Investment to Passive Income =Blueprint Edition=

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Awarded WSO of the Day for April 23, 2012

“…purchased many WSO‘s…this may be the easiest
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I Made

Last Year
with all my ventures
I Want to Help


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Adsense Cash BluePrint

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Step by Step, Easy to Follow Videos REVEAL my Exact “Battle Proven” System I Used to Make $8,417.76 with Simple Adsense Sites that each Make $50 – $250 per Month Using All “FREE Traffic” on Complete-AutoPilot!

And how YOU can start building your own cash sucking adsense sites that each make $50 – $250 per month by following my step by step Proven blueprint

Dear Fellow Warrior,

It`s Paul Nicholls here and I have a quick question for you

Are you tired of constantly building adsense sites that make next to nothing and feel like your Banging your head against a Brick Wall?

For a lot of people – thats the reality when trying to build profitable adsense sites 

But it doesn`t have to be ….

Let me share a little secret with you… 

I have put together a step by step video course which will teach you how to create profitable adsense sites that make between $50 – $200 per month and “even more” even if you have failed at adsense numerous times

How would you like to be able to have a system where you can crank out profitable adsense sites creating you a passive monthly income OR sell them for quick profits for a nice 4 figure sum?

Here`s a screen shot of a few adsense sites that I sold for a Whopping $7054.08 and another one for $500


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