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Video Assassin Reputation Management – Car Dealerships

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First Edition of Our Ground-Breaking Series of


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Finance Freedom Cash Management Software




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GPlus Super Circles

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My name is Jeremy Kennedy coming to you from the beautiful city of Bend, Oregon. You may have seen my previous WSO for my ebook Google+ Marketing Strategies.

I’m pleased to announce our new automatic, automagic social media network building software, GPlus Super Circles. This hot new release features powerful tools for growing your target audience and and managing your marketing campaigns on the fastest growing social media network on the planet, Google Plus.

The current feature set includes:

  • Automatic people following – Add tons of users to your circles on autopilot.
  • Keyword relevant lists – Search and add users based on your niche keywords.
  • Super simple circle management – Organize added followers into your selected circles and build multiple lists within each account.
  • Support for unlimited Google+ accounts – Manage all of your accounts in one place.
  • Blazin’ fast – Add up to 500 people per day per account.
  • Follower quality control – Keep high quality updated lists with follower management. Select the follow back time tolerance to automatically remove users who haven’t circled you back within a specified time frame.

How will our software benefit your marketing efforts?


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20 PLR Article Package – Online Reputation Management

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Start Your Own Offline Consulting Business

This 90 Minute Video Will Show How To Find Potential Leads Without Leaving Your Home On A Daily Basis and Much More!


If you’re interested in starting your own offline consulting business, this step by step video shows you everything that I did to take my offline business to a full time status.

Whether you’re interested in:

SEO Consulting
• Social Media
• Business Development
• Website Building
Reputation Management
• Or whatever tickles your fancy…

I was laid off from my dead end 9-5 job in December of 2010. Instead of looking for another job I decided to doSEO Consulting on a full time basis.
I got to the point that I was sick and tired of working for others. Taking the plunge from going from a guaranteed check every 2 weeks to working on my own was one of the scariest things I have ever done. It’s definitely one of the best feelings in the world to wake up in the morning knowing that I can work a couple hours and take the rest of the day off to do the things that I love to do during the day.

Within 60 Days I Doubled My 9-5 Income and Within 4 Months I Landed a $36,000 SEO Contract!

This detailed 90 minute video will show you everything you need to know, such as:

• How To Find Clients
• How To Put Potential Clients Into A Submissive State When Meeting Them (You’ll Be Amazed How Well This Simple Strategy Works)
• How I Landed A $36,000 SEO Contract (You’ll Be in Shock and Awe!)
• How To Add Scarcity When Meeting With Potential Clients
• What To Do and Say When Meeting With Potential Clients
• How To Use A Simple Reputation Management Software To Make Up To $750 A Month With Less Than 1 Hour Of Work Per Month

These Strategies Have Helped Me From Never Having To Get Another 9-5 Job Ever Again


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Offline PLR: Reputation Management PLR Pack

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*Perfect for Newbies!*

Attention Offline Marketing Consultants… 

“Are You Looking for Top-Quality Content That Will Build Your Credibility AND Help Local Businesses See WHY They Need Your Online Reputation Management Services…?”

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to this PLR Pack, Add Your Name To It, And
Start Generating New Offline Leads on AUTO-PILOT!


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Online Reputation Management – Consultant Credibility Package

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