Content Arbitrage Confessions

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These templates will give you everything you need to create ultra high value content with speed.

This is the same templates I used to create my now semi-famous “sticky thinking” video so many warriors love…

These templates will allow you to create high value products, articles, youtube videos… Basically everything you need to make money online in just a few minutes.

High quality content is still KING online. Don’t waste your time with PLR and garbage article spinners.

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Content Creation Automation

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WP Resurrector



You Have 3 BIG SEO Problems

  • Your old blog posts have no link to your homepage so they are starved of link juice and eventually get de-indexed
  • Google bot can’t crawl many of your older posts because they are buried so deep inside your blog
  • Much of your blog content is invisible to online searches because it is not receiving a continuous flow of link juice

Dear Warriors,

When it comes to making money onlinecontent is king’. The greatest asset you have as an Internet Marketer is the content posted to your blog.

The more content you have on your site, the more keywords google has indexed, the more money you will make.


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PLR To List Building Videos

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“Now You Too Can Own Private Label Rights to Some of The BEST List Building Videos Ever Produced”

You Get 12 Videos (Almost 40 Minutes) of Hard Hitting List Building Information That You Can Own for Less Than The Price of A Cheeseburger!

You Can Do Almost Anything You Want with Them

  • Give them away to build your list
  • Use them for content on your website
  • Submit them off to YouTube
  • Post them to Facebook
  • Give away just one video, or give all 12 videos away and seem like a hero to your list
  • Sell the videos as a complete list building course
  • Use the videos as drip-fed content for your blog

Here Are The Different Titles and The Length of Each Video

Intro To List Building 3:48
Part 1 JV Giveaways 3:06
Part 2 Ad Swaps 2:55
Part 3 Solo Ads 3:45
Part 4 Click Banking 2:49
Part 5 Free WSO‘s 4:34
Part 6 CPV List Building 3:50
Part 7 Bartering for Leads 2:48
Part 8 Exit Popups 2:42
Part 9 Buying Ad Space 2:41
Part 10 Integrated Cross Promotions 2:23
Part 11 Viral PDF Reports 2:09


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Curation Domination

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[1K Sales in 12 hours!]Legally Steal the Gurus’ Content to Create Content That Your Audience AND The Search Engines Love?

No Way!

Easier than stealing cookies from Grandma!

Confession time: Matt Wiggins and I are thieves, and we are not apologizing for it.

We have learned how to *legally* steal content from authority sites in our niches and use it to create content our audiences loves and the search engines do too!

Just to be clear, when Matt and I “steal” this content, we are not plagiarizing it in any way. We follow accepted curation practices, which includes giving full credit to our sources.

We can teach you how to be a legal content thief just like us! 
But you might be asking yourself, “Why would I want to become a content thief? Isn’t that illegal or immoral?”


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wp Reviews Robot

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“In Just 30 SECONDS (after setup),
I Converted my DEAD Wordpress Blog, into a 24*7 ClickBank Style, Content Empire …”


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10 PLR Articles

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Grab 10 Fresh-From-The-Oven Articles About With Private Label Rights!

These are brand new articles that have never been released anywhere, about what HAS to be the most talked about new social marketing site to hit the scene in years –!

You get Full Private Label Rights To Edit These Articles Any Way You Want! Each article is 300-350 words, and delivered in Microsoft Word source files. 

You Can Use These New Articles For:

  • Blog content

  • Short report

  • Email broadcast

  • Follow-Up Autoresponder Series

  • Or anything else you can think of!

The ONLY restriction is that you can’t distribute these articles to others. This is to protect your investment.

10 Article Titles: 

  • Marketing With Pinterest

  • Pinterest – Free Marketing At It’s Best


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