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“The Secret That The Gurus Won’t Tell About Making Real Money Online/Offline”How a Full Time Aerospace Employee Sneaks Another Full-time Income In Under 5 Hours a Week

Dear Warriors,

Dean here…

First off, I hope that you’re having a great day!

I understand the frustration you feel when you are pulled in too many directions, only to see your hard work not deliver the results you expected.

Or to not have the time between your full-time job and family to create something that will bring you financial independence.

Truth is… the gurus don’t want you to know that they don’t do the majority of the work they produce themselves and still cash in!

Don’t believe me?

Go and look anywhere on the forum and you’ll see people saying that you have to…

1. Create a bunch of niche blogs, optimize them and kill yourself writing hours worth of content.
2. Build backlinks slowly and naturally for months as if you had nothing else to do.
3. Sacrifice hours at night before work the next day manually submiting videos to youtube.
4. Create a product out of thin air with the minutes of free time that you have.
5. Buy this “1-click” software that will bring you riches without any work at all.

Seriously, do you really have the time or the money to do all of this?

There is only one way too make real money online or offline and that is to have others do it for you.

That’s right, I’m talking about being the boss and letting others make your vision a reality for less than what it costs for your monthly utility bills.

Like You, I Struggled Trying To Figure
Out How To Make Money With a LimitedAmount of Time!

Sounds crazy right? Most people tell new marketers and entrepreneurs that they should be building backlinks, posting blog posts, building websites for clients, all on their own. But is that what they do?


Here’s the secret…

While these methods work, in the time that it takes to execute and maintain all of these ventures you are not only making less than minimum wage, you are killing yourself in the process.

Knowing How to Outsource Correctly
Can Actually Be Cheaper Than Doing The Work Yourself…

Let’s look at “Local Marketing” as a business model

I am sure that you’ve seen all of the other WSOs out there touting how you can build a site quickly, get it ranked and start finding offline customers…

Here are things needed to be setup for that…

1. Keyword research and niche research
2. Domain and blog setup.
3. Article marketing, social bookmarks, high PR packets
4. Emails sent to local businesses once you’ve ranked (if you’ve ranked)
5. Letters sent to local businesses
6. Phone calls and emails with business owners negotiating price for advertising/website sales.
7. Doing this all over again…

This is just too much for one person to do with so many other things you have to worry about!

You are talking hours down the drain on something that MIGHT be a success.

You could do all of this yourself and hope that it’s not just a waste of time…


You could learn what the gurus know and build an actual business, one outsourced worker at a time.

Cool huh?

I really want to show you why learning the secrets of outsourcing can lead you to the easiest, fastest, and smartest way to build an online OR offline.


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