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Offline PLR: Mobile Marketing PLR PowerPoint Presentation

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“Looking for a Top-Quality PowerPoint Presentation That Will Build Your Credibility And Help Local Businesses See WHY They Need Your Mobile Marketing Services…?”

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to this PLR Presentation, Add
Your Information To It, And Start Landing New Clients!

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Hey Offline Warriors,

You probably already know that Mobile Internet Usage is one of the FASTEST-GROWING forms of technology today… and it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon.

In fact, by 2014, mobile Internet usage is expected to EXCEED desktop PC Internet usage!

Because of this, Local businesses NEED your help to break into the Mobile Marketing game and withstand their competition… At a minimum, they need to:

  • Get Mobile-friendly Websites
  • Set-up and Run SMS Text Message Marketing Campaigns
  • Generate and Implement the Use of QR Codes

Small business owners are starting to see that they have no choice but to mobilize their businesses…

Technology has made it SUPER EASY for local consumers to do pretty much anything from their mobile devices…

Therefore, local businesses need to have a strong mobile presence to cater to the MASSIVE Mobile Market.

But most of them are clueless about how to go about it.


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Premium Mobile Templates

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Premium Mobile Templates

Having difficulty selling Mobile Websites?
These Beautiful Mobile Templates
will make your life easier…

Dear Warrior,

Mobile web users are increasing rapidly and they want to see one simple thing when they visit a website on their mobile device: A nice lookingfast loading and user friendly website.

About 99% of the desktop websites do not provide such a user experience on mobile devices, that’s why every website needs a mobile version to create a better interaction with mobile visitors.

Up to now, I’ve seen many plain, simple and ugly mobile templates around the web, but in my opinion mobile websites don’t have to be like that. I believe that mobile websites can be as beautiful and as practical as desktop sites. For that reason, I spent over a month on designing, coding, validating and testing these premium mobile templates and I believe that you (and your clients) will like them.

If you want to make a mobile version of your website, or if you want to offer mobile websites to your offline clients, these templates will make your life a lot easier.

By purchasing this WSO, you will get two Premium Mobile Website Templates each with five different styles (10 styles in total) and highly detailed Tutorials to help you customize and install the templates and configure the redirection.

Premium Mobile Templates


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BlogHatter v3 Special WSO

Geoff Shawn loved it so much
Mike Johnson from Autoblog Blueprint loved it so much 
2000+ customers loved it so much

*** WARNING! This is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme! *** 
But it can generate money for you Even When You Are Asleep!

The most powerful desktop autoblog software – 
BlogHatter v3 is here!
This software is nothing like you have ever seen before!

Hey everybody,

As many of you know, developing and selling killer applications has been my main business for quite a while. I started in 2007 creating a great software like CraigsAgent. My second big project was Pdf Pop Up Pro – the first software that was able to add pop up boxes and optin-form to any pdf file.

But the best software I’ve ever created is BlogHatter, a great software to automate the (auto)blogging process.

When I started my autoblogging journey, I had in my mind a simple goal to achieve
Make 1$ a day per autoblog


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