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Why It’s Good for eCommerce Sites to Have Popup Call to Actions

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How many times have you visit a website, a blog or even an ecommerce site and had a popup window appear with a special offer or trying to get you to enter your email address? It probably happens at least once per day.

The reason why you are seeing so many sites have such call to actions in place, is because they work extremely well.

While the concept of a popup window might seem annoying to site visitors, most sites will have tracking and display settings in place so they will only appear once every month or so. If they were to appear every time you went to the same site, that would definitely be annoying.

However, industry stats have proven time and time again that popup windows and call to actions work extremely well–which is why websites and ecommerce businesses continue to use them.

To help you understand why such methods are ideal for ecommerce sites and blogs of all sizes, today we will be highlighting three different sites and the way they are using such methods to increase conversions, leads and sales on their site.

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3 Examples of eCommerce Stores and Websites Using Popups

If you take some time to start visiting random ecommerce sites and online stores, you will likely discover the many different and creative ways popups are being used.

The most common popups will have call to actions in reference to:

  • Giveaways and prizes
  • Immediate discounts and coupons
  • Collection of data through email and phone
  • Interactive popups with new site visitors and sales

We will now showcase a few of the working methods through the site examples below.

Coupons and Interactive PopUps

In order first example, we can take a look at DMBSupply and see that they have two different forms of popups on their site to increase sales on masks and other PPE supplies.

The first being the in your face display, which offers a 15% discount off your first order. Of the many different ways to get users to act on your popup, giving away a quick freebie or discount coupon works well. All it takes is for the end user to submit their email to gain access to the coupon, and even if they end up placing an order, they will still be on your mailing list for future reach out.

You will also notice the site has an additional interactive popup on the bottom left corner of the page. This one is great because it shows when the last time an order was placed on the site, and what was purchased. This type of popup is great for displaying it’s a real site and that people are actually ordering from it.

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Giveaways and Special Bonuses

Next, we can take a look at a famous website and blog, which has also turned into an ecommerce site of it’s own. Shut Up and Take My Money is a resource site that highlights different and unique items to purchase online. Thousands of people are visiting the blog section of this site daily, and many of them are sent over to the ecommerce section of the site as well.

When visiting their online store, visitors will have the opportunities to play their free spin wheel game and will get a chance to get their hands on a nice selection of coupons. This spin wheel method works extremely well, as it’s more interactive and fun, while also giving the end user a chance to win big.

The same method applies here as in the previous popup example. Enter your email address, join the mailing list and then be rewarded with a discount code.

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Brand Loyalty and Store Gift Cards

Any type of online community where members share the same interest or have the same expertise and skills, is always great for the brand loyalty and growth. A perfect example of this can be seen at ArtStation, which is an online community and marketplace for artists of all types.

When visiting the site, users are approached with an opportunity to win a $100 gift card. However, unlike the other discount and promotion popups already mentioned, this one starts off with an email address and then requests a phone number as well. If you are an active artist or contributor to the site, this would likely be something almost every member on the site would act upon.

This not only allows for better contact information from the site and brand, in order to stay in touch with their audience, but it also provides a gift card that would help increase in-house sales.

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Each of the examples above are unique in their own way, but also caters to the interests and needs of their audience as well. This is also a great takeaway for site owners to realize that not all popups and call to actions will work in the same way.

Are you still not using popups on your site?

If you aren’t using any popup windows on your site to increase ecommerce leads and sales, we don’t blame you. It’s definitely something that you need to feel comfortable with, and at least test with a sub-set of your audience before going live to all audiences.

The good news is, if you are going to be using any of the top popup solutions, these modifications can all be made in a few clicks. This will also allow you to see how many people saw your call to actions, and how many acted on them as well.

After reading through the article and seeing the examples above, we recommend you at least try and start running some lead generation pops on your site and seeing how they perform. Worth case scenario, it’s a quick test and you can remove them from your site.

Happy testing!

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Leveling Up: Is It Time for Managed WordPress Hosting?

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Have you ever wondered about managed WordPress hosting? Are you curious if it’s worth the higher price than your regular or shared WordPress hosting? 

When you first started your site, you might’ve chosen a regular web host or shared WordPress hosting because it was cheaper, which made sense at the time. But now that your site is popular and getting lots of traffic, it needs more attention. 

Managed WordPress hosting can be the solution if you’re in this situation. In this article, we’ll explain what managed WordPress hosting is and highlight the pros and cons. Then, you can decide whether managed WordPress hosting is right for you and your site. 

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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a concierge hosting service where the hosting company manages all the technical activities of running a WordPress site. They handle the installation and upgrading of WordPress, doing regular backups, install plugins for you, ensuring website uptime, and scalability of the hosting servers to keep your site running smoothly. 

The idea is to offer a hands-off WordPress experience, so you can focus on running your site and business. You handle everything on the “front” of your site, while the managed hosting company deals with the “back” end of it. 

One of the reasons people like managed WordPress hosting is the premium support they get for their site. You get help from WordPress experts with a ton of experience with the platform and hosting, so they know the answer to any question you might have. It’s like having a personal WordPress mechanic and coach that’ll take care of your site before anything goes wrong with it, then explain what happened and how they fixed it.

Next, let’s look at the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting to see if it’s right for you.

The Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • A Fast Website – Managed WordPress hosting servers are configured specifically for WordPress, so your site will always be fast, even when it gets a lot of traffic.
  • Regular Backups – They schedule regular backups of your WordPress site and offer restore points if you ever need to revert to an earlier version. Most companies will offer you a backup schedule, such as daily, twice a week, or weekly. 
  • Security – Your site is well-protected when you use a managed WordPress host. They have a tight security layer that actively scans for malware, blocks hackers, and they usually will install an SSL security certificate for free. Your site and data are safe with them.
  • Automatic Updates – They handle all WordPress platform and plugin updates automatically, so you don’t have to worry about doing them. 
  • Expert Support – The staff at a managed host is highly knowledgeable about and skilled with WordPress. They’ll offer advice on the best plugins to install and the ones to avoid, how to speed up your site, and more.
  • Development Tools – While the available options depend on your managed host, most offer some development tools to help you create or test your site. E.g. Staging areas, version control of your site, etc.
  • No Downtime – Because they’re monitoring your site 24/7 year-round and use high-quality servers, your site will always be up. 

That probably all sounds really good, right? But you’re wondering about the disadvantages since there are probably a few. Keep reading to find out more. 

The Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Higher Price – Managed WordPress hosting is significantly more expensive than shared hosting. Base plans usually start around $30 a month, while a base shared hosting plan can be as little as $3.95 per month. Just remember what you get for your money, and the extra costs make more sense. 
  • Limitations – Because the hosting servers are specifically configured for WordPress, you can only host a WordPress-based site on them. That’s normally not an issue since you were already creating a WordPress site. Additionally, your site cannot run all WordPress plugins on a managed host. They usually block plugins that slow down your site or that duplicate features they offer to you, such as caching or backups. 
  • No Email Hosting – This is another limitation, but merits being called out by itself. A managed WordPress host will not offer you an email address for your website. You’ll need to sign up for private email hosting separately. 
  • Less Control – You don’t have as much control over the technical aspects of your site if you use a managed WordPress host, but that’s why you hired them, right? You wanted to free up your time from all the maintenance and admin work, so you could focus on your business. But if you’re the type that always wants to know what’s going on, you might not be able to with a managed host. 

By now, you’ve probably got a good idea of whether managed WordPress hosting is for you, but if you need a bit more info, here you are.

Should You Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

For most people, the price of managed WordPress hosting is the deciding factor for them. If you’re just starting with a WordPress site, shared hosting will work fine for you.

That said, there are situations where managed WordPress hosting is the better option, even from Day 1. For example:

  • Freelance web designers who build WordPress sites for clients. 
  • Businesses, bloggers, and influencers whose reputations depend on their site.
  • Online stores and eCommerce sites who need reliable uptime and advanced technical service to handle their stores.
  • High-traffic websites that need reliable uptime and fast loading.

There are many reputable managed WordPress hosting companies to look at, including WP Engine, SiteGround, DreamHost, and Liquid Web. Do an online search to find one that matches your needs and budget. 

As your site grows, you’ll have less time to maintain it, so getting managed WordPress hosting might be a good option for you. It’ll cost you more per month, but you’ll save time and effort so you can concentrate on your business instead. Leave the technical side of things to the WordPress experts. They’ll make sure your WordPress site is blazing fast, is always up, and always updated with the latest versions of plugins and the platform. A managed WordPress host might be the best investment you make in your online business.

Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He is the co-founder of OptinMonster, WPBeginner, MonsterInsights, and WPForms.

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