6 WordPress Plugins You Need to Grow Your Business in 2021

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If you’re like most of us, you made your resolutions for 2021, and so far, you’re following accomplishing your goals. Maybe you’ve started to eat better and read more– which is excellent! But you probably have plenty of long-term resolutions, too, like growing your website.

There are a ton of factors you should take into consideration when growing your small business or personal blog. You have to think about how you’ll reach your target audience and turn them into fans of your brand. In order to do that, you need to prove that you’re trustworthy, engaging, and have an easily accessible site.

Today, we are going to look at several plugins for WordPress, which powers over 75 million websites. The tools offered here today will help you connect with potential customers, build trust, capture email addresses, and much more.

Let’s get started!

6.Social Wall Pro by Smash Balloon

It’s hard to deny the popularity of social media. Over 3 billion people use websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with friends and businesses. Bloggers and small business owners know that social media is the easiest way to spread brand awareness and build meaningful connections with your audience.

Our number 6 pick is Smash Balloon Social Wall Pro because it allows you to take the power of social media to your website. With this plugin, you can combine your feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and display them on your site.

We love this plugin because it’s super easy to set up and customize. You don’t have to worry about a cookie-cutter block on your website here, and that’s what makes it truly unique. Out of the box, it adopts a visual style that matches your website, which will save you plenty of time and effort.

When new visitors land on your website, they can easily see conversations taking place on your profile, which could encourage them to give your brand a follow on social media. You’ll also have the option to filter out specific words and tags for a flexible and engaging experience for both new and returning visitors.

5.All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

If you want to improve your SEO ranking and reach more people, you need an SEO plugin. There are quite a few on the market, but we use All in One SEO (AIOSEO). This plugin has all of the features we expect from a premium tool and none of the frustrating setup.

With AIOSEO, you can create smart XLM sitemaps in a couple of clicks, which makes it easier for crawlers from Google to navigate your website. Once you generate a sitemap, AIOSEO will automatically notify popular search engines when you update your site. Using this strategy, you can slowly climb through the ranks for your chosen keywords.

You’ll also get access to our favorite feature, TruSEO On-Page Analysis. When you publish a blog post, create a product page, or basically create something new on your site, you can open a checklist that will automatically analyze your page and offer advice on how to improve your SEO score.

As you improve your site with AIOSEO, there’s a good chance you’ll start to see a surge in traffic and longer dwell times. When you’re site is properly optimized, you have a better chance of connecting with your target audience, and AIOSEO makes this process easier than ever.


There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced social proof, even if you’ve never heard the term before. Essentially, social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people are more likely to make a purchasing decision based on the opinions of others.

It doesn’t matter if a friend tells you about a new burger place down the street, or you’re reading Amazon reviews written by people you’ll never meet, it all counts as social proof.

When it comes to your website, social proof is crucial for getting sales and convincing people to subscribe to your email list. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add social proof to your website, we suggest the plugin TrustPulse.

TrustPulse is a social proof plugin that allows you to show other customers real-time behavior on your site. Imagine someone is looking at your product selection and thinking about making a purchase. Suddenly, they see a popup that someone else bought the same exact product. Odds are, that second person would go through with their order.

You can install and setup Trustpulse in just a couple of minutes and see an average conversion increase of 15%!

3.Push Engage

The next plugin on our list is called PushEngage. As the name implies, PushEngage helps business owners and bloggers send push notifications to their audience.

Push notifications are excellent ways to communicate with your customers across desktop computers and smartphones. You can use PushEngage to build your lead list, get more views on your blog, and secure more sales.

The different options are what makes this plugin stand out from the rest. PushEngage allows you to build dynamic audience segments and send personalized alerts based on user behavior.

Imagine a customer is browsing one of your products for a price check. They don’t like your price, so they leave and browse other businesses. But, before they left, they opted-in to your notifications.

PushEngage allows you to send an abandonment alert to this potential customer with an exclusive discount. The discount you’re offering may be just the thing to turn that casual consumer into a customer.

But the benefits don’t stop there. You can also create reminders, track revenue gains from your notifications, and even split test your campaigns with this easy-to-use tool.


If you want to grow your business in 2021, you have to add things to your site that encourage users to visit your page. In many cases, you’ll need to make unique landing pages for each of your additions.

The WordPress plugin SeedProd is perfecting for marketing experts and newbies alike. The simple drag and drop builder means you can build the perfect landing page for your website with no coding knowledge.

It’s easy to create isolated locations for webinar registrations, coming soon pages, lead squeezes, and thank you screens. Instead of putting all of the work into creating these pages from scratch, you could use SeedProd and get access to hundreds of templates, color schemes, and layout options.

We like the fact that it’s possible to make a landing page that’s responsive on both mobile devices and computers. You don’t have to worry about a smartphone user having trouble with your landing page, which means you have more time to focus on other aspects of your website.


Finally, we are going to talk about a drag-and-drop builder called OptinMonster. This plugin allows business owners and bloggers to create compelling marketing campaigns that appear on-site in various ways.

You can create lightbox popups that appear after a user takes a specific action on your site. If someone has read four of your blog posts but still hasn’t subscribed, you can use OptinMonster to trigger a popup to appear and ask for an email signup.

But that’s only the beginning. OptinMonster allows you to create coupon wheels, countdown timers, and much more. These campaigns are an excellent way to grow your lead list, get more event signups, and increase your sales.

It’s also possible to take information from subscribers in real-time and show them promotions and content that match their interests in popups. So, if you own an online pet store, you can use OptinMonster to trigger cat food promotions to customers who are reading blog posts about cats.

The key to growing your business is personalization, and Optinmonster gives you the tools and flexibility to create effective and unique campaigns.

Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He is the co-founder of OptinMonster, WPBeginner, MonsterInsights, and WPForms.

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4 Key Tips to Improve SEO for Hotels

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Marketing in the hospitality industry is a very competitive task, not only are you up against other local hotels, but you are also fighting for space on the Google results page. According to research, only 0.78% of Google searchers click on the second page of the search results, which means that you need to rock at SEO for hotels, or else you are missing out on potential customers!  SEO for the hospitality industry is a bit tricky, as you have to know how to excel at both local SEO and international SEO tactics. It is one thing to attract local

articles Business Finance customer service google


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Sitechecker Review: Features, Testimonials, Pricing, Coupon

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Ranking at the top of the search results is something every website, blog, brand and business talks about. However, with only a few spots available on that elusive first page of Google for any keyword, it’s a whole world of competition out there fighting for the same thing.

This means, if you want to successfully rank higher in the search results, there is more than just content creation and link building tasks at hand. SEO is something that needs to be monitored, improved and in action every single day of the week.

In order for all of this to come together, site owners and brands must have a reliable SEO and keyword research and monitoring tool.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Sitechecker keyword tracking and monitoring solution, while also highlighting it’s many features and tools, while also showcasing why it might be the ideal solution for your site.


Introducing Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker is an all-in-one solution that allows site owners and brands to properly track and optimize the performance of their search rankings. In addition to providing users with a plethora of SEO rankings and reports, the solution also provides On-Page SEO checkers, Website SEO reports, SEO monitoring and more.


Right off the bat, I personally always like to look at the different rankings for so-called ‘SEO tools and solutions’ to see if they can actually rank for what they are preaching or promise to offer.

If an SaaS can’t rank for the most competitive terms out there (which they are competing for), what good are they?

After quick analysis, I was happy to see Sitechecker ranking on page one for keywords like “website checker”, “seo check”, “analyse seo”, “seo backlinks” and more.

improvements to your site

Now that we’ve gotten that quick intro analysis out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the tools, features and reporting that Sitechecker has to offer.

Creating an Account and Your First Site Project

First thing first, you can sign up for a free account at

Right when you join the site, it’s an extremely simple and speedy process to get your websites and accounts set up for reporting and monitoring.

The first steps in this process is to add your site domain name, select your site audit and monitoring settings, adding Google Analytics/Search Console integrations, setting your Rank Tracker updates and reporting, and adding in your requested keywords and search phrases for tracking.

left-hand site

After this is done, the system will take 10-15 minutes to scan through your site and have your first keyword rankings report available. While this is going on, you will also see an active progress report for your site, what’s being scanned and what problem areas have already been targeted.

link strategy tools

On the left-hand site of the members area, you will see a navigation bar to access each of your site projects, the main dashboard area, site audit reports, rank track tools and more.

Once the initial report is completed, Sitechecker will provide you with a full site audit, while highlighting the different areas of your site that could use some improvement.

online solution

By clicking on any of the sections on this report, it will provide you with a resource on how to address and fix each of the issues. An ideal score for your site is in the 80-90+ range, so be sure to fix any critical issues first, and then make your way through the warnings.

Sitechecker SEO and Keyword Rank Tracker Reports

As important as site reports and audits are, most users are going to be logging into Sitechecker daily to monitoring their keyword movement reports.

Using the keywords you initially added to your site during sign up (or that you can add at any time), the tool will provide you with easy to follow reports on where your site is currently ranking in the search results.

rank track tools

Click on any of these keywords or search phrases, and it will immediately pop up a new screen that displays the top ranking for such keywords, and where your competitors are ranking. This chart will also show a movement on rankings in the graph area.

rank tracking tools

The more time you spend analyzing your site and search rankings with the tools offered by Sitechecker, the more you will understand and benefit from the solution.

In addition to the main tools and features highlighted so far, Sitechecker also has On Page, Traffic and Rank checkers, while offering backlink and link strategy tools and recommendations as well.

And as seen in most of the screenshots, the option is also there to add the Sitechecker Google Chrome Extension, which makes reports, analysis and optimization even easier. This plug-in is currently being used by more than 30,000 users.

Online Sitechecker Testimonials and Reviews

As with any online solution or membership that you are going to invest your time and money in, it’s important to see what other sites and users of the platform have to say about it.

When running a search for Sitechecker in Google, we can see they have hundreds of positive reviews across sites like TrustPilot, Capterra, FinancesOnline, AccurateReviews, SoftwareAdvice and other reputable sites.

search rankings

You can also visit the Sitechecker Facebook Page and see plenty of testimonials and reviews on there as well.

Sitechecker Pricing Plans

As with all great tools and solutions on the internet, the best ones are going to come with a price tag. The good news is, with SaaS on the rise, costs for extremely advanced and costly solutions are now more affordable than ever before.

That is exactly what you will find with Sitechecker as well.

It’s free for anyone to visit the site and create an account. However, in order to start using all of the features and access keyword reporting, you will need to upgrade to one of the plans below.

  • Basic: $19/month – 3 websites – 150 keywords
  • Startup: $29/m – 5 websites – 500 keywords
  • Growing: $69/month – 10 websites – 1,000 keywords


Depending on your site needs and budget, the Basic and Startup plans are the most popular, as they are quite affordable and allow you to add 3 to 5 sites to your account.

The option is also there to lower the monthly rates ever further, by signing up for a year in advance. This will result in a 20% savings.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Site with Sitechecker

As with all SEO, site audit and rank tracking tools, it’s important to find one that you are comfortable with, which is also easy to use. It’s also important to make sure it provides you with the necessary optimization, research and keyword analysis tools to continually make improvements to your site.

These are all key features and components that Sitechecker definitely already have in place.

With more than 30,000 paying customers on the site, it’s well worth your time to add your site and keyword rankings, to see what areas of improvement might be waiting for you.

Bonus Coupon Code: Save 20%

Use this coupon zacjohnson to get 20% off for the first payment of any plan (monthly or annual) at Sitechecker.

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The Best Resources for SMEs Grappling with Big Data

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Big data represents one of the most valuable assets any business can hope to gain. It offers a map to your market’s behaviour, and the insights you need to be able to predict the direction in which your target market – and, by extension, your business – is heading. 

One of the toughest problems for SMEs, however, lies in properly gathering and utilizing these massive stores of data. Everything you do online, from making sales to interacting with internet users via digital marketing campaigns, will yield significant insights into the heart of your industry, but finding the time to gather, sort, analyze and utilize that data keeps many from realizing its full potential. 

Read more about some excellent resources for dealing with big data, below. 

bank documents

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing boasts an enviable list of benefits. While not the most labour-intensive or costly tool for digital marketing, it targets one of the most valuable userbases to which you have readymade access: your existing customers and subscribers. By maintaining an open line of communication with this userbase, and opening up new dialogues during seminal moments in the growth and development of your business, will prove invaluable – provided you can grapple with the data your campaigns gather overtime. 

The same goes for affiliate marketing, which enables the same line of communication while also bringing a financial benefit to you. Utilising software in this ongoing process will ensure that each step is streamlined and targeted towards the right users. You can easily check out how it could help your business to stay on top of this platform, and to curate – and, more importantly, utilise – the data your efforts will yield. 

Google Analytics

Your site is your storefront, but, in the real world, it is much easier to monitor and interpret customer behaviour than it is when you are simply staring at your home screen and witnessing the rise and fall of digital sales throughout the day.

Google Analytics is a free tool that can offer significant insights into the behaviours of your site’s visitors – for instance, where they came from, what devices they are using (mobile or PC) and what your bounce rate is. This offers the opportunity for significant progress, both in terms of increasing site traffic and honing your external marketing campaigns.


While surveys are not able to rival the sheer quantity of information housed under the term ‘Big Data’, there exists a growing body of research expounding the value surveys hold when utilised in tandem with it

In this view, big data can be seen as what is gathered organically – for instance, the ratio of subscribers who open your emails, vs those who ignore them or unsubscribe as a result of receiving them. Survey data is manually gathered – it does not hold the same raw organicity – but it can be used as a tool for contextualising big data and broadening your understanding further. It can also be guided by big data, which means that your ability to communicate directly with your users is enhanced, and words are not wasted on questions to which you already know the answers.

Big data is invaluable to all businesses, but knowing how to understand it – and, more importantly still, to put it to use – is an art form in and of itself. Like any specialty, it demands a whole host of resources that will ensure that nothing is wasted, and that every element of your online activity is put to use in order to further your efforts, and gain access to the very heart of your digital audience.


Google Analytics is a wonderful web analytics tool for any business with an online presence. However, it can’t solve every possible online analytics need. You may need to use more specialized web analytics tools for things like UX optimization. 

CrazyEgg  is a very impressive web analytics tool that was developed by Neil Patel. This tool is great for  monitoring user behavior, which can be incredibly important for improving conversion rates. 

There are a lot of ways that you can benefit from using CrazyEgg.  One option is to look at different elements on your website landing pages, such as images and CTA buttons. With CrazyEgg,  you can see how your visitors respond to them. You can change elements and remove any that seem to be too distracting. 

Here is an example of an insight that some companies have found with CrazyEgg.  They would put an image on their landing pages to make it look more engaging. With this web analytics tool, they would find that visitors were unexpectedly trying to click on the image more than the button. They would add a hyperlink to the image, so that it would accomplish the same function as the button itself. Other companies would simply remove the image altogether or reduce its size to make the CTA stand out more. 


ActiveData is a very important ad-on for Microsoft Excel.  This tool can be very useful for tracking conversions, but the same purposes can be applicable for other issues as well. 

One benefit of using ActiveData is that you can help fight fraud more easily. In particular, this add-on is useful for tracking internal theft. This is a benefit that you can’t afford to ignore, because employee pilfering accounts for  almost 30% of all business failures. 

Sage Accounting 

Accounting is one of the least favorite parts of running a business for most entrepreneurs. Few people want to spend a considerable amount of time crunching numbers and tracking the amount of transactions that affect their cash flow. 

Unfortunately, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of sound bookkeeping. You either will need to do it yourself or pay a large amount of money to hire a professional bookkeeper. The latter may not be an option if you are running a new business with limited resources, so you need to find a way to manage your own bookkeeping without taking up too much of your time. 

New advances in data analytics have made it a lot easier. A number of new accounting tools have reached the market, which can simplify your bookkeeping and save you a tremendous amount of time. 

Sage Accounting is one of the best big data accounting tools for small businesses. It is an excellent option for entrepreneurs that don’t have any employees. This tool does everything from income documentation to reconciliation of bank documents. You can get all of the great features for just $10 a month.  You will have access to even more valuable features if you plan to upgrade to the $25 a month plan, which is still a lot cheaper than hiring a professional. These other features include forecasting cash flow and generating financial statements. 

Sage Accounting is a major breakthrough in accounting analytics for small businesses. It is a great option that you probably should not overlook.

Big Data Resources

Looking for Even More SMM and Big Data Resources?

If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to take a look at the latest trending topics on the main page of

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Review on WriteApp Reviews

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn? It is something you can conveniently do with just your smart phone and an internet connection! And it has got to do with testing the latest apps in the market. Sounds cool right?

What is WriteApp Reviews?

WriteApp Reviews is a program specially created for a community of writers who write reviews on various and recent apps they have tried and tested. - Apps

Mobile apps have become a multi-billion dollar industry and each day there are thousands of apps released on Google alone. This translates to people looking for information about these newly released apps but because they are brand new, so Google can’t show more information other than those from the game developers and for most app users, it is not enough.

Hence, the WriteApp Reviews made a platform to bridge that gap. WriteApp Reviews owns a unique algorithm that can detect thousands of newly released apps every single day without enough content written about them online, and this where you come in and earn, by testing an app and writing a review about it.

Everyday you use various apps on your phone and even download new ones, why not earn from it just by writing a review after testing the app. Most consumers and users alike heavily rely on reviews and comments before actually making a purchase or a download. That is how important your review can be. And it can be a source of income for you.

Who Created WriteApp Reviews?

A team of professionals who found an opportunity of making money online through writing reviews and affiliate marketing.

How Does WriteApp Reviews Work?

You can start earning money with WriteApp Reviews just by following 3 easy steps: - Review

Choose an app to test – Once you become a member of WriteApps Review, you can choose any app that you want to test from their database. You have hundred apps to choose from and there are more added daily. After choosing an app, you are to download it so that you can test the app.

Write a review – Share your experience with the app, you can make it detailed so that others can get more information about it. You then have to login to your WriteApp Reviews members account to write your honest review of the app on your app review website.

Earn Affiliate Income – The more your reviews are useful for users, the more it will get linked to and shared, the more you earn. The more testings and reviews, the more chances of earning. Being a member means getting viral Social Media sharing features built into your app so you will have more views and higher affiliate earnings.

Three easy steps to make money online and you don’t even need to be a professional writer or an expert in affiliate marketing. The fact that the app industry is generating billions in profit means an earning opportunity for you.

Advantages: - Income

– You can be a member no matter which part of the world you are.

– An ethical and legitimate way to earn money.

– It involves an enjoyable task of testing new apps.

– You only need a smart phone and an internet connection

– You do not need to be a professional writer.

– There is no limit of apps you can test and review.

– You can do it anytime and anywhere.

– You only need to pay once for unlimited access.

– So many app choices to choose from and constantly being added with new ones.

– You will be paid weekly via check, direct deposit or Payoneer.

– One on one support from a dedicated team.

– You can gain instant access once membership is activated.

– Your membership is risk free. You can get a 100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


– It needs an internet connection.

– Must know basic English.


Monetize the time you spend each day searching and using various apps just by testing it and writing a review about your experience. You will not only be earning but helping people make a more sound decision with their app choice especially those who are reliant to reviews and comments.

You are not even limited as to how many you can review, as you become more experienced, you will be earning more. There will be a wide range of apps to choose, test and review which makes it more interesting and fun. So, if you are looking for other source of income where you can do anywhere and anytime, this can be it!

How to Kill it With SEO for Your SaaS

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A growing number of online entrepreneurs and businesses are realizing that even with a great SaaS, getting your offering the exposure it needs to provide you with those big returns, in a sea of highly similar and competitive options, is a major undertaking.

You can absolutely focus on paid acquisition strategies and social media to provide a short-lived stream of users. But if you want that long-term, self-sustaining, scalable growth, then your SEO game needs to be on point, because it is the marketing foundation upon which all others will succeed. Below are some things you really should be doing if you want to kill it with your SEO and make your SaaS stand out. 

Build A

Understand Your Buyer’s Journey

Most buyer journeys for SaaS are non-linear, which is to say, they will not always come to your site in search of a solution to their problem. Sometimes they do, but they often have no idea you are offering one, and so they find you through questions asked online. Invariably, those questions are asked via Google, by searching long and short-tail queries relevant to customer problems. “How do I do X faster,” how to make X simpler,” searches in this vein. 

Your SEO, therefore, should be layered, with different content focused on different stages of the journey. The beginning stage involves blog content that focuses on the targeted keywords contained in your customers’ “problem-solving” searches. This blog content should start as an informative description that aims to educate, and gradually lead into how your particular SaaS is the solution to their problem.

Content geared towards those in the second stage of the journey is targeted at those who are aware there are SaaS solutions to their problems, but shopping for providers. Your SEO at this stage should be focused on middle-of-the-sales-funnel keywords that are describing what it is your service provides–”the best email outreach,” “the best CRM,” “the best productivity measurement tool.” Instead of the educational tone that you would use at the beginning of the customer’s buying journey, focus on specific features, integrability, and product categories. 

Those at the final stage of their buying journey (i.e., the buyer knows what they need, why they need it, and which specific products meet those needs) require an even different content approach. Here is where buyers compare and contrast their shortlist of products to see which one makes the most sense for them. This is where you should be attracting product-aware buyers using keywords that focus on comparisons and alternatives–“versus” lists and “alternatives to” lists. 


Link Building: The Other Vital Piece of the Puzzle

SEO is really a dual process. It involves content creation–which we just covered–and link building. Layered content that attempts to reach your target market during different stages of the buying journey is crucial. But that, plus a steady supply of solid backlinks from relevant high DR sites, will take your SEO to the next level.

Link-building, however, unlike content, is more painstaking and requires more expertise. It is a much more systematized process and the investments required to learn, do and scale it (not only money, but in time and opportunity cost) are too much for many businesses to handle in-house. If you are serious about dramatically increasing your visibility, look into a solid link-building service, especially ones that specialize in generating high-quality SaaS links. 

Most of the reputable link builders will work with you on a pay-per-link arrangement, which means a budget is established and then each time a link is built, you are charged. The more solid DR sites you have linking back to your SaaS pages (whether your home page or specific content pages), the higher up in Google’s search results your site will appear when people look for keywords related to your service. 

Don’t Forget About HARO

People who use HARO (Help a Reporter Out) either love it or hate it. Pitching HARO queries takes time and it can be a while before you see a return on that investment. Sometimes the articles you are hoping to be featured in won’t be published for four, six, maybe even twelve weeks. What makes HARO so valuable, however, is that it’s free. Anyone can sign up for HARO and start responding to blogger and journalist queries. 

HARO shouldn’t be the only way you build links for your SaaS, but it should certainly be one of them. The chance to score high DR links from relevant sites for free is too important to pass up, and if you have real expertise in your niche and can write a good ~200-word quotable response that answers a query’s questions or provides unique insight, you can land some really solid links. Try to leverage both your personal expertise and your niche’s relevance (either together or separately) when choosing which queries to go after. 


Build A Social Media Presence 

YouTube is the web’s second-largest search engine behind Google (its parent company). It has over 2 billion monthly users and it is the next major SEO frontier. When was the last time you searched something in Google and the top results were YouTube videos on the topic? Those results could (and should) be you. If you have an SaaS and you want to convince prospective customers they should buy it, show them how it works on your branded YouTube channel. 

You can create ‘sister’ YouTube content to accompany your blog posts (which you can also cross-promote) and apply the same SEO keyword tactics to coming up with the titles and descriptions of your videos. Your YouTube content can include “how to” videos on the various functionalities of your service; troubleshooting videos, and you can even use YouTube as a place for feedback that can be incorporated into future patches and designs. You can count on brutally honest YouTube users to tell you where your service’s shortcomings are and what you might change to improve your UI and UX. 


SEO, when done right, is the absolute best way to build an affordable, long-term marketing plan that can be scaled as you go and which, when done right, becomes self-sustaining. Getting your SEO off the ground takes some time and money, but if you pick and choose who you work with and where you allocate your resources, you can build a large pool of potential customers who are in the market for precisely what your service offers. Keep the above tips in mind and you will absolutely kill it with your SEO for your SaaS.

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8 Tips That Will Help You Build a Winning SEO Content Strategy

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Companies that exist to improve other company’s search engine visibility rake in a collective 80 billion dollars in revenue annually. That doesn’t come as surprise to us given the unmistakable importance of outstanding SEO content strategy. SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of tailoring content to play well with search engines in hopes that content will rise to the top of result pages. Given that billions of searches are conducted on platforms like Google daily, optimizing content for search engine consumption is a must for any business that wants to survive in the digital age. But how can a

Digital marketing google MARKETING Online advertising

search engine

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How to Use Online Videos to Attract Customers

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I’ve been implementing videos into my blog for years because they create a different type of engagement that would NOT be available anywhere else. Because of the expansion of, bloggers are now able to promote their content in a different format, which can resonate with readers all over the world. One of the biggest problems faced by bloggers is being able to resonate with readers from places where English isn’t their first language. Video blogging has completely changed this so I recommend everyone to start adapting this strategy going forward. With that said,

bloggers online

I decided to jump into this awesome topic because I know many of you are trying to find ways to create content that attracts massive customers. Before I continue, keep in mind,, and other networks, do allow you to add a link within your videos so having your video go viral can be awesome for engagement. Let’s jump right into this article, and explore the following:

  • How videos will enhance your tutorials
  • How videos will enhance products on website
  • The relation between videos, and authenticity
  • They rank well when optimized
  • You’re keeping up with your competition

Feedback will be greatly appreciated, and if you have any other thoughts on the content, please post below.

Enhancing Tutorials

One of the MOST popular types of content online is how-to tutorials because they show you how to solve a very common problem quickly. However, for you to create a serious buzz with any type of content, it’s important you do your research. No point in writing out content if you are tapping into a topic idea no one wants to read about. This is why I always do research within my niche, looking for major problems my readers are having so I can write content that will resonate with all of them. The better I am at doing this, the better I’ll be at attracting people to my blog. This leads to further engagement and loyalty from my readers. With that said,

Videos will allow me to explain my content in greater detail. In a video, I can create an in-depth tutorial that otherwise would have taken me 15,000 words to write out. It’s amazing what you can do when you get comfortable with creating professional videos. Here’s another example,

One huge search is “how to create a blog within minutes”. This keyword phrase has been searched millions of times within the last month or two. Let me ask you this question: Is it better to explain blog create through written content or a walk-through video? In the end, you’re going to say video, and I guarantee we all have watched blogging videos, thinking they are way better than online written content.

Video is the way to go, but if you can create a transcript to go with your video, then that’s even better J

Product Reviews

One of the best ways to make money online is by utilizing product reviews. This starts by trying a product within your niche then writing an honest review for your readers. As a matter of fact, many of the top bloggers online are making enormous amounts of money by simply reviewing products for companies just starting out. Top bloggers get free accounts so they can try out the product then promote it to their readers, splitting the commissions with the developer. Like I had said before, reviewing products is a huge business and many people are definitely cashing in. However,

This system has become even more profitable since videos came along. When connected the world though video marketing, the game changed. Instead of authority bloggers writing out product reviews, they were able to showcase the benefits by creating walkthrough videos. These videos showed people how to:

  • Install the product
  • Set up and configure
  • A walkthrough of the features
  • Benefits

In the end, they would perform a case study, showing how they were able to profit or produce enormous results using the products, which encouraged people to go out and spend some money. The process was explained in a nutshell, and if you are planning on doing the same thing, then keep these next factors in mind.

First, for you to succeed, again, you’ll have to solve a common problem within your niche. You’ll have to show how the product you are using helped you, and how it simply made your life easier. Some of the top bloggers have stated creating in-depth videos does take time so it’s important you stay patient through the entire process.

Do a quick search within Google, finding new products that just came out within your niche. Next, do a quick outreach, asking the developer to give you a trial account so you can create a video for your readers. If you are popular enough, with a solid following, many times, “developers” are willing to help out. The reason this method works so well is because newer products tend to be marketed much less, which gives you a chance to create a buzz quickly. If the product is worth the buzz, then you can do really well with your readers and sales going forward. I’ll admit, you need to take your time and try different things before getting started until you find what resonates with your readers.

Videos Add Credibility

Having videos is a great way to put a face with your growing brand and this will add credibility going forward. When you create videos, you’re adding credibility to your words, and many people tend to trust your value with more of an open-mind. The funny thing is, this tends to be the case when you are talking about sensitive issues like health, weight loss, or even finance. These areas tend to be more sensitive so people are looking for a face to associate with the brand before building that certain level of trust.

If you are in sensitive based niche, then consider incorporating videos to your blogging strategy because this will increase user trust and engagement.

Video Ranking Quality

It’s no secret YouTube videos ran within the Google search results. For example, here is a quick search for “create a blog within minutes”. Check out the results:

content online

You’ll notice the first result within the search is a video, which is amazing because this can generate enormous traffic in the form of a video. Through this, you are NOT only engaging with your readers in more depth, but also able to rank with videos, which, at one point, was not possible. Much of this success has to do with having the ability to added targeted keywords within your video header and description. To do this, you have to be very strategic in your approach…

For example, once you have uploaded a video within YouTube, you’ll have some options to add a title and description before going live. Before you do, I recommend you make sure to do some keyword research so you’ll add the right ones before going live. Head over to Google Keyword planner, and do some research just like you would when you are writing content.

Find a handful of popular and engaging keywords you know will attract a lot of attention with your readers. This is important because the more engaging your keywords, the better it is when creating videos around them. Your videos will NOT only attract a buzz online, but will also tend to rank higher because of the optimized keywords spread within the title and description.

Challenge Your Competition

One of the main reasons I decided to start implemented videos into my blogging was because of competition. Almost in every niche, you’re going to have a handful of bloggers who are trying to steal your readers away from you. In the beginning, it was about getting the best content published more frequently, and now the patterns have shifted. It’s about getting value published more frequently in the best way possible, which, today, is through video blogging. I’ll admit online marketing and blogging can be very tedious because publishing is NOT tough at all. You can have a blog created within minutes and all that’s left is for you to start focusing on writing content for your readers. This is much harder than several years back because those without coding experience wouldn’t dare enter a business that cost them thousands to start. A blog can be created in 4 minutes so every one is getting involved. Here’s my point…

Make sure you find ways to engage your readers that your competition hasn’t taken advantage of yet. This way, you stay ahead of the competition, increasing growth and revenue going forward.

Final Thoughts

I’ve covered enormous information and I know it can get confusing, trying to understand a marketing strategy very new to you. However, you have several resources available that were NOT available years back and the funny thing is, many of them are available through video format. If you are NOT sure about video blogs, then start by doing a quick search online looking for popular information from those who have experience. You’ll need some tools to help you get started and those will be available online, too. Everything you need is available so don’t delay and get started right now before it’s too late. I can promise you that your competition is already trying to find ways to engage readers who are currently loyal to your blog.

Here’s something to consider going forward:

  • Start with research so you know what’s important and trending online.
  • Look for ways to create a video using free tools.
  • Get familiar with the YouTube interface.
  • Promote on social media platforms.

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Marketing Set up for the Target Group vs Marketing Without Settings

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Marketing that’s made for everyone (massive marketing), and not the target group, is the one used in traditional marketing, while the one that’s set for the target group was established with digital marketing. A marketing campaign that’s set up to the target group is cheaper and more effective to reach the goal – to sell a product or service.

Marketing strategy is a very important segment for anyone starting a new business. You should know that over the years, many companies have switched from so-called mass marketing to one that aims at the target group.

Depending on your product and business model, you can adopt either of the two strategies mentioned. However, you should know that marketing will be more effective for you if you target your consumers. That’s why some of the most famous companies use this strategy.


How to Target the Right Consumer Group for Your Business?

Segmentation is one of the most important processes in a marketing targeting campaign because it allows you to reach consumers who are really interested in your product.

Namely, before you start a marketing campaign, it’s necessary to do market research in order to get an image of the ideal customer.

Some items that will help you have a picture of your ideal customer may be the following:

  • Customer age (from-to)
  • Gender (both or only one)
  • Degree of education
  • Marital status
  • Annual income
  • Religion
  • Location
  • Income class
  • Occupation
  • Ethnic origin
  • Or anything else you need to know for your product or service

What Else Is Audience-Targeted Marketing Good For?

Any business that’s in its infancy faces the problem of showing its products or services to the right audience. The problem is that most don’t have enough financial resources to invest in marketing in order to reach a wide range of audiences.

However, today you don’t need huge financial resources to reach the target group. Digital marketing gives you the option of advertising through content (native ad) that you can run with a budget that’s accessible to everyone.

When you start a business, it’s always better to narrow your focus, because it won’t only help you save money, but will also help you build a stronger business reputation and plan an effective strategy for reaching your target group. In this way, your business will be more efficient, more profitable, you’ll build a loyal customer base, and build a long-term business.

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Mass Marketing vs Targeted Marketing

Mass marketing, as the name says itself, is trying to reach as many people as possible. In mass marketing, the focus is on numbers, while targeted marketing tries to reach a segmented or specific audience.

Mass Marketing at a Glance

The easiest way to explain this type of marketing is that it’s similar to throwing a net into the river to catch as many fish as possible. This means that you’ll need a bigger net, a bigger boat, and also a lot of hands to help you. As this type of marketing is open to everyone, you’ll catch a variety of “fish”, both large and small, of different species.

Marketing channels in non-target marketing are usually of the traditional type, such as radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. This strategy focuses on low cost to drive high sales.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Marketing


  • It reaches a wide range of audiences
  • Maximum exposure to the product/service


  • It isn’t economically viable – it’s expensive
  • It’s difficult to measure its effectiveness
  • The profit margin is usually low
  • It takes a lot of manpower to realize it

Audience-Targeted Marketing

Unlike mass marketing, where you only display an ad to a wide circle of audiences, targeted marketing focuses on certain consumer criteria, i.e. to a refined and segmented target group.

With this type of marketing, the market is divided into segments or demographic data. So, you show and sell your products or services to a smaller audience, but to one who’s interested in them.

Targeted marketing takes time to develop, but it’s easier to measure its success than mass marketing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Tailored to the Target Group


  • Targeted marketing is cheaper and more affordable
  • It offers a large profit margin
  • It offers a better chance of overtaking the competition
  • It’s easy to build loyal customers with its help because this marketing is tailored to their needs


  • It often takes time to see results, mostly due to the testing that must be performed
  • Determining the target market requires a lot of planning and strategy

Every brand in the market is looking for the most efficient way to reach a wide audience. As a starting point, the best approach you might want to consider is targeted marketing, as it gives you the flexibility to reach an audience that might be interested in your products or services.

Unlike mass marketing, which relies mainly on traditional tools of presentation (television, radio, print media…), targeted marketing uses the power of technology and the Internet to reach a wide range of target groups. 

Using the Internet implies that some of the basic things brands choosing this marketing technique need to have are a website, social media accounts, Google ads, etc. Before they even think of results they can achieve via these tools, brands have to make sure that their online presentations are visible at all times. For that, they need quality hosting.

To run good marketing campaigns, brands need to build a dynamic website, so there’s a big chance it will require the MySQL database. The combination of MySQL database and MySQL servers supporting it is a winning combination. Make a little research and select an option that fits your needs the best. Support options that MySQL hosts have, as well as other features (uptime, response…), will help you develop successful projects.

All in all, MySQL is one of the most used relational database management systems and relatively easy to work with. But, in order for your website to be fast and smooth, servers mustn’t lag behind.

Also, audience-targeted marketing saves time and money during a marketing campaign, but it takes a lot of research and strategies to be able to determine the right segments to target your audience.

Why Should You Embrace Audience-Targeted Marketing?

1) High conversion rate: One of the reasons why you should adopt this type of marketing is that it brings a high conversion rate compared to mass marketing.

2) The metric is clear: Targeted marketing can be easily measured in terms of the results it delivers.

3) You give the audience what it wants: It offers your products and services only to those who might be interested in your offer.

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Is Google Ads Worth It? How to Know If Google Ads Can Help Your Business

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As you expand your business, is Google Ads worth it, or should you pass? Here’s how to find out if Google ads is the right fit for you.

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