Windows 10 Desktop Resource Guide


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[FREE WSO] Tumblr Profit Guide


Are you looking for a new free traffic source?

Discover TUMBLR, one of the best kept secret (FREE) traffic sources out there!

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[FREE WSO] TeeSpring Warrior Guide

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Internet Marketers Are Cashing In Big
By Selling T-Shirts
To The Masses!

Learn How to Start Your Own Custom T-Shirt Business

The fantastic thing about launching your line of custom designed T-shirts through Teespring, the leading online T-shirt design Company, is that they have the means, the tools, the resources and the shipping center to make everything a cakewalk for you.  You merely toss your idea into the system and then everything just falls in place, and with very little effort you can start making sales.  This may be a good opportunity for you to make some extra cash online!

TeeSpring Warrior Will Teach You:

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Shoestring Keywords + 100,000 bonus Keyword Pack

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“You’re About To Get 100,000 + Keywords In 10 Hot Buyer Niches, & My Step By Step Guides To Finding Lucrative Low Competition Keywords & Buyer Keywords”

My Step By Step Guide Reveals The Exact Methods I Use To Routinely Draw Out Hot Keywords That Drive Thousands Of Visitors To My Websites, Often With Minimal or Zero Backlinks Required

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PPC Without Adwords :: PPC To Email Submits WSO

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

If you’re seeking some flashy gimmick method that will produce a ton of money overnight with no effort on your part, click away from this now, that’s not what this is about. I’ve been doing this a long time and anytime I see screenshots, (from who knows where or they’re completely faked), I run the other way. Most know me as an anti-hype type of guy. That’s exactly what I am. I don’t think I would have survived as long as I have online if I subscribed to the “ridiculous headline combined with screenshot” method of selling things.

I’ve been a member since I launched my PPC Coach Training site back in September of 2007. In fact my first WSO was the launch of that site. It’s been over 4.5 years now since that first WSO and my site is STILL going strong.

One of the things I’ve encountered from having a site that is that 4.5 years old and established, is some people saying my content is outdated. Instead of arguing with people about how 99% of my methods and techniques are evergreen, I decided to give everyone what they want. That is updated content and is part of my ongoing effort to update every existing method I show on my site.

This Is Volume 1 In My “PPC Without Adwords” Series for Affiliate Marketers.

This guide is 31 pages of step by step training showing you exactly how to promote email submit offers from any CPA network without using Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Facebook Ads or even 7search. I do like all those ppc platforms and I do still use them all to this day but it’s nice to show people places they may not have even heard of before too.

This guide is for newbies who have never ran a PPC campaign before in their life and may not even know what an “email submit” is. My assumption in writing this guide was that the reader knows nothing. That doesn’t mean a veteran CPA marketer can’t benefit from it, they can as I put a couple golden nuggets in there for them too. BUT my target is people who are new to PPC marketing or new to CPA marketing or have struggled with both in the past.

It’s EASY if you know what you’re doing and have a plan…


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Closing Time Main

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How much is high quality leads and closing them like a pro worth to you and your business?

“If You Can Talk On The Phone Or Type An Email, Then Keep Reading!”

Dear Warrior,

If you are interested in saving hours of your life that you’ll never get back, then this could be the most eye-opening WSO you’ve ever come across.

But first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is William Meers. Chances are you haven’t heard of me before. But when you finish reading this, you’ll be glad you finally did.

Here’s why: 

I’ve created an amazing new Closing Business Guide called, “Closing Time.” It solves just about everything every Warrior needs to know about how to close business deals online and offline!.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment being able to close people using some of the most natural & easy to use techniques. How great would that be?


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Pinterest Marketing Guide



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Pinterest is the new Facebook!

Get Ready to Travel Back in Time & Change your Future!

New Social Media Site Is Waiting for YOU With Its Arms Open To Give You The Chance To Conquer It, Give YOU Super-Targeted Traffic & Make Tons Of Cash As Easy As It Was On Facebook a Few Years Ago… 

This Could Be Your Last chance To Ride The Social Media Wave & Profit From It…Don’t Miss It This Time!


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FB University

50+ SoldComes With Guarantee


As of Wed, Feb. 29th, Facebook has started rolling out Timeline for Pages. It is optional right now but all pages will revert to this format come March 30th. We will be putting out a new guide on how to take advantage of these changes. Anyone who purchases FB University will receive this new guide once it’s complete (as well as anyone who has already purchased FB U)



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Sell PLR For Cash Training Guide

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Dec Profitably Convenient Fingertip WSOs

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(see the September edition here!)
(see the October edition here!)
(see the November edition here!)

So let’s get to it, shall we?


Quick! How much of yourself do you see in the following statement?

.You want to earn long-term, passive
.income. You’d *love* to hand out a huge
.comprehensive valuable Internet marketing
.library of 3 guide books (total pages 
.over 300!) that showcases *your* 
.affiliate links so that when anyone
.buys from it…*you* get the commissions.
.Long term, I say…..long long LONG term.

Do you see yourself there? (c’mon, I see you nodding your head there!)


Okay, let’s tackle the next idea:

.When you market to your list, you want
.your list to view you as a respected authority
.on Internet marketing and/or your niche,
. I’ll bet, and buy the products you
.as a discerning list master investigate and recommend.


Yep, me too! That’s why I created this WSO (and folks think I have no life! HAH!)!(oh, and who I am (although I’ve been marketing online now for 15+ years, I’m kinda sorta under-the-radar), and why you want to buy this….I’ll cover that later on. Let me explain the full benefits of this package to you first).


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