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Perpetual Income 365 Review

Do you like your job? Do you like how you consistently show up and work so hard but do not get the recognition that you deserve? You have been wanting to leave but is always hesitating because you do not have another source of income. There might be an online system created just for you and for anybody who needs an income stream in their life.

What is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is a software you can use to make money online. That is basically the purpose of it, it helps you build another source of income or make it your primary source of income in the long run where you can just work anywhere and anytime and still get paid.

Perpetual Income 365 - Algorithm

This money-making tool uses a certain algorithm used by Netflix and many other big and popular companies, to earn not just millions but billions of dollars a year! Imagine having that algorithm to create your very own cashflow without having technical skill or business expertise.

This system has three parts: MCCA Toolbox, Income Leverage Bounty and One Click Content Stock and each part teaches you how to use Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing the right way so that you can make money. Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing are both legit online money-making business. In fact, the creator of this software is a popular Affiliate Marketer who is a 7-figure online marketer.

The secret algorithm that you will get with this software will help you have an affiliate business up and running with just a few clicks and a few minutes. It’s a done-for-you system, so that all the heavy-lifting is done by the system, even the content creation which is valuable in affiliate marketing are pre-automated. The software makes everything easier for you to generate recurring income.

Who Created the Perpetual Income 365?

The creator is Shawn Josiah, a proud member of the Platinum Circle in Clickbank, that means he has already generated over $500,000 affiliate sales in Clickbank and is a successful online marketer. In fact, he has already earned 7-figure as an online entrepreneur.

He is an experienced Affiliate Marketer who knows the right tools to use in order to maximize income. He understands that majority are struggling with their 9 to 5 jobs, surviving but not thriving, that is because they work so long and so hard for a salary that won’t even get them closer to the life they want to live.

This software tool addresses that, it finally gives the ordinary employees a chance to have extraordinary income, a chance for them to be rewarded, a chance for them to break free from their daily hustle and work for their dreams using this powerful algorithm.

How Does Perpetual Income 365 Work?

This system is specially designed to have big results with as little effort as possible. That is why all the hard work will be handled by this ready-made system. With the right tools you are increasing your income generation capacity. You will be provided with a sales page, content and email subscriptions that are proven to work and succeed, you will be accumulating sales in no time which translates to big commissions.

You do not need to learn coding or techy stuff, this program provides you with the instructions that are easy to follow, so this is good for newbies who are looking for other income streams. Just activate the software and reap the rewards.


Perpetual Income 365 - Investment

– The creator of the product is real and a successful Affiliate Marketer.

– It is newbie friendly and does not need any expertise or technical skill.

– It has clear and concise training videos so that you can easily learn and follow.

– Easy and fast software set-up. Just click on a few buttons and your software is good and ready to go.

– Informative and comprehensive training.

– It is a done-for-you system. So, you skip the hard work.

– Gives you a high success rate in sales.

It can be a full-time income alternative with recurring income.

– It has time-saving tools like email swipes and content creator.

– There is an exclusive Member’s Only Area and an active Facebook Group which you can use to interact with other users and maximize to learn more about techniques.

– Teaches you to have an alternative money source.

– Your investment is safe as it is backed with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


– You need access to the internet to purchase and run the software.

– There may be additional costs for other tools.

– Earnings vary.


You can choose to invest your time, money and effort to your daily job that you hate or to this software that can give you the chance to earn more while doing less. It is your choice. Or, you can do both and try this money making system, build your business and make it your full-time source of income without beating the daily traffic because this software allows you to work anytime and anywhere.

This might just be the right algorithm to come closer to your dreams.

How to Use Online Videos to Attract Customers

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I’ve been implementing videos into my blog for years because they create a different type of engagement that would NOT be available anywhere else. Because of the expansion of, bloggers are now able to promote their content in a different format, which can resonate with readers all over the world. One of the biggest problems faced by bloggers is being able to resonate with readers from places where English isn’t their first language. Video blogging has completely changed this so I recommend everyone to start adapting this strategy going forward. With that said,

bloggers online

I decided to jump into this awesome topic because I know many of you are trying to find ways to create content that attracts massive customers. Before I continue, keep in mind,, and other networks, do allow you to add a link within your videos so having your video go viral can be awesome for engagement. Let’s jump right into this article, and explore the following:

  • How videos will enhance your tutorials
  • How videos will enhance products on website
  • The relation between videos, and authenticity
  • They rank well when optimized
  • You’re keeping up with your competition

Feedback will be greatly appreciated, and if you have any other thoughts on the content, please post below.

Enhancing Tutorials

One of the MOST popular types of content online is how-to tutorials because they show you how to solve a very common problem quickly. However, for you to create a serious buzz with any type of content, it’s important you do your research. No point in writing out content if you are tapping into a topic idea no one wants to read about. This is why I always do research within my niche, looking for major problems my readers are having so I can write content that will resonate with all of them. The better I am at doing this, the better I’ll be at attracting people to my blog. This leads to further engagement and loyalty from my readers. With that said,

Videos will allow me to explain my content in greater detail. In a video, I can create an in-depth tutorial that otherwise would have taken me 15,000 words to write out. It’s amazing what you can do when you get comfortable with creating professional videos. Here’s another example,

One huge search is “how to create a blog within minutes”. This keyword phrase has been searched millions of times within the last month or two. Let me ask you this question: Is it better to explain blog create through written content or a walk-through video? In the end, you’re going to say video, and I guarantee we all have watched blogging videos, thinking they are way better than online written content.

Video is the way to go, but if you can create a transcript to go with your video, then that’s even better J

Product Reviews

One of the best ways to make money online is by utilizing product reviews. This starts by trying a product within your niche then writing an honest review for your readers. As a matter of fact, many of the top bloggers online are making enormous amounts of money by simply reviewing products for companies just starting out. Top bloggers get free accounts so they can try out the product then promote it to their readers, splitting the commissions with the developer. Like I had said before, reviewing products is a huge business and many people are definitely cashing in. However,

This system has become even more profitable since videos came along. When connected the world though video marketing, the game changed. Instead of authority bloggers writing out product reviews, they were able to showcase the benefits by creating walkthrough videos. These videos showed people how to:

  • Install the product
  • Set up and configure
  • A walkthrough of the features
  • Benefits

In the end, they would perform a case study, showing how they were able to profit or produce enormous results using the products, which encouraged people to go out and spend some money. The process was explained in a nutshell, and if you are planning on doing the same thing, then keep these next factors in mind.

First, for you to succeed, again, you’ll have to solve a common problem within your niche. You’ll have to show how the product you are using helped you, and how it simply made your life easier. Some of the top bloggers have stated creating in-depth videos does take time so it’s important you stay patient through the entire process.

Do a quick search within Google, finding new products that just came out within your niche. Next, do a quick outreach, asking the developer to give you a trial account so you can create a video for your readers. If you are popular enough, with a solid following, many times, “developers” are willing to help out. The reason this method works so well is because newer products tend to be marketed much less, which gives you a chance to create a buzz quickly. If the product is worth the buzz, then you can do really well with your readers and sales going forward. I’ll admit, you need to take your time and try different things before getting started until you find what resonates with your readers.

Videos Add Credibility

Having videos is a great way to put a face with your growing brand and this will add credibility going forward. When you create videos, you’re adding credibility to your words, and many people tend to trust your value with more of an open-mind. The funny thing is, this tends to be the case when you are talking about sensitive issues like health, weight loss, or even finance. These areas tend to be more sensitive so people are looking for a face to associate with the brand before building that certain level of trust.

If you are in sensitive based niche, then consider incorporating videos to your blogging strategy because this will increase user trust and engagement.

Video Ranking Quality

It’s no secret YouTube videos ran within the Google search results. For example, here is a quick search for “create a blog within minutes”. Check out the results:

content online

You’ll notice the first result within the search is a video, which is amazing because this can generate enormous traffic in the form of a video. Through this, you are NOT only engaging with your readers in more depth, but also able to rank with videos, which, at one point, was not possible. Much of this success has to do with having the ability to added targeted keywords within your video header and description. To do this, you have to be very strategic in your approach…

For example, once you have uploaded a video within YouTube, you’ll have some options to add a title and description before going live. Before you do, I recommend you make sure to do some keyword research so you’ll add the right ones before going live. Head over to Google Keyword planner, and do some research just like you would when you are writing content.

Find a handful of popular and engaging keywords you know will attract a lot of attention with your readers. This is important because the more engaging your keywords, the better it is when creating videos around them. Your videos will NOT only attract a buzz online, but will also tend to rank higher because of the optimized keywords spread within the title and description.

Challenge Your Competition

One of the main reasons I decided to start implemented videos into my blogging was because of competition. Almost in every niche, you’re going to have a handful of bloggers who are trying to steal your readers away from you. In the beginning, it was about getting the best content published more frequently, and now the patterns have shifted. It’s about getting value published more frequently in the best way possible, which, today, is through video blogging. I’ll admit online marketing and blogging can be very tedious because publishing is NOT tough at all. You can have a blog created within minutes and all that’s left is for you to start focusing on writing content for your readers. This is much harder than several years back because those without coding experience wouldn’t dare enter a business that cost them thousands to start. A blog can be created in 4 minutes so every one is getting involved. Here’s my point…

Make sure you find ways to engage your readers that your competition hasn’t taken advantage of yet. This way, you stay ahead of the competition, increasing growth and revenue going forward.

Final Thoughts

I’ve covered enormous information and I know it can get confusing, trying to understand a marketing strategy very new to you. However, you have several resources available that were NOT available years back and the funny thing is, many of them are available through video format. If you are NOT sure about video blogs, then start by doing a quick search online looking for popular information from those who have experience. You’ll need some tools to help you get started and those will be available online, too. Everything you need is available so don’t delay and get started right now before it’s too late. I can promise you that your competition is already trying to find ways to engage readers who are currently loyal to your blog.

Here’s something to consider going forward:

  • Start with research so you know what’s important and trending online.
  • Look for ways to create a video using free tools.
  • Get familiar with the YouTube interface.
  • Promote on social media platforms.

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ZCode System Review

Are you a sports fan? What if there is a system that can help you earn profits out of sports betting? And what if, it not only helps you to win but to make the most value out of your money? Sounds cool? Find out more about this system here.

What is the ZCode System?

ZCode System is your very own automated betting tool that provides you winning predictions on most popular names in sports like the NBA (National Basketball Association), NHL (National Hockey League), NFL (National Football League), MLB (Major League Baseball) and Esports. These sports were specifically chosen because they are big names in sports and therefore allows high volume betting which you can profit all year long. Yes, this is your sports betting money-making machine.

ZCode System - Math

ZCode System is like a betting robot which gives you an in-depth analysis majorly based on performance history and more. There are about 80 parameters considered in order to come up with a precise prediction, factors like player conditions, injuries, information about different teams, goalies, trainers, events, important matches, rivalries, feuds and many more. Each information is significant to calculate an outcome that will provide you the best “value” in each game.

It is not all about winning or losing, ZCode will help you seek the most value which means the most money with the smallest risk possible. It is your own betting machine which can give you the most earnings in a game. It does not play favorites and is objective. It runs on a unique algorithm that tracks performance and anything relevant to have a valuable forecast.

The system was developed for years and had months of live beta-testing on Facebook, where the creators and beta-testers have already made money. The results were shown, and thousands of fans who followed ZCode on Facebook have witnessed how spectacular the system works that for years it has become an industry standard in sports investing and sports statistics.

Who Created ZCode System?

ZCode System was created by Ron, Mike and Steve. They have developed the system over the years and are sports enthusiast who wanted to trade in the spots niche just like how they traded currencies in the forex market. And they are sharing this system knowing that Sports Betting is a huge industry which people can earn from, their system gives you the advantage!

How Does ZCode System Work?

You do not even need to be a sports enthusiast to use this system. This is basically for everyone who wants to make extra income per month. But from time to time, anyone loves the thrill of betting, especially winning!

ZCode System - Badge

The ZCode VIP Membership gives you instant access to all the Winning Sports Picks. It provides you a comprehensive guide such as video tutorials on HOW TO USE the system, making it easier for you to understand and follow. Absolutely no guesswork involved, everything is provided for even the frequently asked questions.

This is your blueprint to earning profits through betting. And if that is still confusing, they have a well-trained and friendly support team. ZCode makes everything easy for you to make money online as it provides you with the right tools to help you win. You are not betting blindly, but have an extensive analysis to back you up, allowing you to bet smartly on which team or play gives you the best value.


ZCode System - Chart

– Prediction is reached through extensive analysis and calculations.

– Easy to use and follow.

– You will be equipped with tools to know how to properly use the system to your advantage.

– Limits careless spending, instead it makes you wisely invest your money since it is a system that has been tested already to push you to an informed winning decision.

– Helps you generate profits regardless if you are a sports fan or not.

– It covers most popular sports.

– It gives you an objective prediction.

– It gained positive testimonials.

– Excellent support team.

– It comes with FREE bonus tools: Line Reversal Tool, ZCode Oscillator, Totals Predictor, ZCode MLB Pitcher Profit Oscillator, Power Rankings Indicator for Football and other Sports and ZCode Scores Predictor Professional Tools.

– A safe investment because of its 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.


– You need a reliable internet connection. It needs to be accessed online.

– You need to retain membership to get future updates.

– Limited membership slots. So, you must HURRY!


ZCode System is your most reliable assistant to earn profits through sports betting because it analyzes to give you the best value of your money and is 100% objective about it. It helps you earn even though you are not a big fan of sports and has no prior experience in betting.

There are members who are investing in sports and making a living out of it, you can do it too! Thousands of people have seen and experienced how the system works during beta-testing and have given them the opportunity to make money online!

ZCode is the right tool to make you WIN and give you the advantage that you need in sports trade!

Stacked Marketer Delivers Digital Marketing News and Trends

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Extra. Extra. Read all about it! Latest headlines in the digital marketing and affiliate space!

When you take a moment to look back and see what started from and what it became today, it’s quite amazing. From what originally started as a food/tech blog into a make money online blog… everyone was visiting the site to see how John was making money online, and what he’s been working on.

In short, it’s all about keeping up with the latest trends and see where, when and how people are growing their businesses online.

No matter where you look online you are going to find news, trending hashtags and topics covering every angle possible–but when it comes to finding news and headlines that are relevant to your business and all within your industry, that’s where the real value is.

For affiliate marketers, bloggers, brands and digital marketers… it’s all about the world of online marketing and finding out what everyone is up to. Whether it’s the latest acqusitions, legal news or marketing methods that are catching on big time, Stacked Marketer is there to deliver the goods.

What is Stacked Marketer and Who Runs It?

Stacked Marketer is the second-coming of “What The Aff”, which make industry headlines last year and became one of the most sought after and subscribed to newsletter in the industry.

As great as WTAFF was, the name had limit it’s potential and reach into different markets. Hence, “Stacked Marketer” was then born.

The good news is, all of the stuff that made WTAFF so awesome and great, is the exact same concept and process to create Stacked Marketer. It’s now just under a different name.

Emanuel Cinca is still the man behind the scenes and working the Stacked Marketer Crew to their full potential, while also providing subscribers with the best industry news and headlines possible. And not only has Emanuel done an excellent job with growing the brand into what it is today, he also makes it a goal to attend answer as many interview questions, and speak on different podcasts, while also attending as many conferences and events as possible.

food/tech blog

Whether you refer to it as “What the Aff” or “Stacked Marketer“, you will likely see the name trending across many internet marketing forums, social groups and even at conference events. You can even read about Stacked Marketer over on Zac Johnson’s blog, as he’s an avid subscriber to the newsletter as well.

How to Subscribe to the Stacked Marketer Daily Newsletter

Now that you have a good understanding on what Stacked Marketer is, and how it’s the next revolution of What The Aff, it’s time to tell you more about how to subscribe the newsletter and follow the brand across different platforms.

First off, join the mailing list with your best email. This is the best way to get the latest industry trends and headlines right into your email. There also aren’t any hoops or annoyances in place to complete this process.

Just visit and enter your email.


Next, be sure to follow Stacked Marketer on social media as well.

Since we all have our own preferred platform, SM has you covered on each of the major ones. This is also a great way to mix up when and how you discover and read the latest headlines circulating online.

Follow Stacked Marketer on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

The Content that Makes Entrepreneurs Love Stacked Marketer

As business owners and marketers, our time is precious — so the last thing we want to do is clutter up our inbox with more content and spam. The good news is, Stacked Marketer mailings are actually valuable, smart and fun to read through.

Below you will see a screenshot of a recent headline of theirs. Most people don’t care about headlines when referring to mailing lists or news, but the way SM does it is great. They use icons and attention seeking headlines that make you want to open. It’s also a nice quick and easy way to see what content and news is inside the latest mailing


Next up, the actual content of each mailing, It’s always going to be something good, and it’s often loaded with industry news, tutorials, and useful resources to help you grow your brand.

For example, this latest mailing had a section on how to “go from $k to $28 in 28 days“. Sounds like quite the task, but SM covers the topic, breaks it down and then provides the necessary resources to help you along the way.

money online

All of the content is written and delivered in a way that makes it’s a fast read, but is also easily aborbed. To see for yourself, be sure to the visit the site and get the latest copy sent right to your inbox. And if you really like the content, don’t forget to read through the previous mailings that are archived on the site.

Stacked Marketer Makes Digital Marketing News Easy

With the constant flow of new content flooding the internet and news coming out all the time, how are you ever supposed to actually get any work done? Throw social media and email into the mix and you are likely getting lost and distracted more often than not.

The good news is, Stacked Marketer’s daily mailings can save you a lot of time, while also keeping you informed with just a few minutes investment. The newsletter is free to join, and even if you don’t get to read each mailing, they make for a great collection of case studies and resources that you can always refer to at a later time.

If you haven’t already been a subscriber of What The Aff, be sure to sign up to Stacked Marketer today!

money online blog

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