[Done For You!] Fully Setup Amazon Niche Shop

Finally! Grab Youself A Completely Done-For-You Amazon Affiliate Shop in ANY NICHE!

You CHOOSE Your Own Niche: 3d printers, VR gadgets, drones, Dog toys, garden tools…
Check out the different BEAUTIFUL live site demos below….

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85 Exclusive Niche WordPress Themes

Do you remember the ad below? These websites were first marketed in 2007. This was at least 5 years ago. Lots of things have changed since then. These sites still work but many people have moved on to WordPress. I know I have.

New for 2012

I have been working to update these websites for use with WordPress. Now you can have indvidual themes based on this series and be able to use them any way that you want -Adsense, Clickbank, or any ad network of your choosing – under WordPress. The themes are all WordPress 3.0 compliant. There is nothing hidden in the themes, just the code needed to make the themes work. All you need to do is upload the themes and go. You will need to add your own ad code. It is not built into the theme, as it should not be. You can use any number of free and paid plugins to add your code.


What do you get?

  • A WordPress theme for each of the original websites.
  • 7 articles that came with these websites originally. They have not been spun into new articles.(The articles are located in the /includes/articles file of the original sites.)


  • The freedom to make your website how you want to.


  • The ability to update your website to the newest WordPress platform and be able to use the newest plugins.


  • The ability to use one domain to host all of your websites by using the WordPress Multi User capability. That’r right. Have a multitude of websites under one Wordpress install. (There are a number of websites that can tell you how to do this.)


  • You will also get all of the original websites listed in the ad below. ( The new WordPress themes do not come with resell rights or Master resell rights at this time.)


These themes are not available anywhere else! Get them here or do not get them.

See the first 10 here.

1st Car Alaska Auto Navigation Bird Watching Blogging Camcorders Carpet Cigars Dog Grooming Wii


The Original Ad

YOU Can Compete with The Big Boys of Niche Site Marketing Using The Exact Tools & Resources Used to Build Their Virtual Real Estate Empires…

Five figure Adsense earners reveal the tools and resources they use to earn a Six Figure Income year after year with Contextual Advertising and Google Adsense…

From: Charles Osborne

Dear Friend, Have you ever wondered why certain Niche Site Marketers make Big Money with their Niche Sites and others are lucky to hit the $100 payout? This is the most common question we are asked each and every day, when we talk about Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. Usually, before we get a chance to answer the question, the person goes on to tell us their ‘theory’ and more often than not, the theory is way off base. You see, if Google or Affilate Programs decided to cancel your account or delete you right before you reached the payout number, they wouldn’t have a very good business model. In fact, I’ve met hundreds of people that make 5 figures every month from Adsense and Affiliate Marketing and they all have one thing in common… but more on that later… One of the biggest mistakes marketer’s make is to use listen to outdated information or use outdated tools & resources, and unfortunately, as vast as the internet is, you are bound to run into this problem. But, don’t worry, everyone has been in your shoes at one time or another.

Use Proven Tools and Methods that are Still Working Today!

Do you think Formula One racing teams use outdated technology and information? No way, they use the best of the best and, they have people working behind the scenes to stay ahead of the competition. This business model works extremely well for Niche Marketer’s because once you have a system in place, you have to test it and improve your results to remain successful. This is where we come in. We’ve been consistently making money with Adsense and Affiliate Marketing for over 4 years and we’ve never stopped testing new techniques. We are going to spill the beans and give you the exact niche sites and resources we use to every day. I’ll use the Formula One analogy again, if you were always finishing behind the Ferrari Team and they gave you the chance to see exactly what parts they use and the technology behind the winning formula, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? I know I would!

Learn from the Experts and Duplicate Their Success


Read the rest here if you have forgot.

The original websites were all php based. Even though they have all kinds of features they were still limited to the features of the day.What I am offering is the chance to change these over to Wordpress and not be tied down to old technology. The 85 themes will give you the opportunity to create something new and you can take advantage of all of the new plugins to make something spectacular.

The only resemblance to the old sites is the header. The theme colors are different and the headers will be slightly different from the old sites as well. In this offer you will get all of the original websites and the new Wordpress themes. I am including the old sites as a bonus and to avoid any licensing problems and you will get the original license that I got. Besides, you may want to use them anyway somewhere down the road.

This offer is starting at $5 and will rise to $37 a dime at a time. This is a very cheap price for 85 themes. I do reserve the right to pull this offer at any time.


Paulie Ciaras Millionaire Backlink Builder

I have been fortunate enough to get a review copy of  ‘Paulie Ciaras Millionaire Backlink Builder‘ and been able to read through it today.

This is an in depth ebook about starting your own $5000 a year website. Most of the information is about starting micro sites but this seems to be where the most money is to be made for those that are just starting out, especially if you are promoting affiliate offers. If you make more than one website the income increases $5000 each time.

There is a lot of information here and it is a road map to success if you follow this plan. It covers everything you need to know to get started in a profitable business as this can be applied to any niche. There is even information about selecting a niche that will make you money and he tells you how to do the research.

The information I got was a pdf of 55 pages loaded with information.

Here is the email version of the WSO:

‘This might sound kind of nuts, but it’s true – You are about to

learn how to build a completely set-and-forget $5,000 per-year
website in just 48 hours.
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This is an e-mail you are going to be VERY glad you read. Here are
a few things you are about to learn:
– How to turn 32 visitors per day into a $10,000 per year website.
– How to leap-frog directly to the top of Google WITHOUT having to
battle through competition.
– Where to find hundreds of high quality backlinks from TRUE
authority sources, without paying for them.
– How to build an autopilot 5K-per-year website in only 2 Days.
– How to turn 180 visitors per day into a completely set-andforget $50,000 year.
– How to smile at the little guys who are struggling with
something called the “traffic problem.”
– The secret location of a steam-powered fire-hydrant of .gov and
.edu links.
– How to completely sidestep your SERP competition and cut
directly to the top of Google
If you want to learn how to do this but aren’t willing to work
more than 20 minutes per day (2 hours per week), you will most
definitely want to check this out right now’

You can can check the offer out here.

Micro Niche Affiliate Site Builder With PLR

This is a simple to use site maker for Adsense sites.

The only limitation is the number of pages that it will make which their version is 10. I am planning on making some changes to it so it will do an unlimited amount of pages.

I did buy this myself and I like it but I actually bought it to resell.

I do not have a link for this but you can go to Warrior and find it if it is still for sell.