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What can you do with this package?

  • give away the eBook to clients
  • post content on social media
  • create a physical book
  • add it to a membership site
  • use it as an opt in to build your list
  • repurpose the content for blog posts

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What You Need To Know About This PLR…


Here is what you are getting for the price of a specialty coffee.


Over 5,800 words on 24 pages – Here is what is covered:

* Quality over quantity
* Every connection has both an intrinsic and monetary value
* Clarifying intentions
* Make a personal connection
* Scarcity or abundance mindset
* Four social relationship styles
* Each person in your network is an individual
* Be selective
* The rule of reciprocity
* Designing a networking strategy
* Focus, focus, focus.
* Expanding and building your network.

Use this as a lead magnet or sell it. The report clearly help readers understand what needs to be done to create a solid relationship network.

This report comes in different formats for easy editing.


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WP Resurrector



You Have 3 BIG SEO Problems

  • Your old blog posts have no link to your homepage so they are starved of link juice and eventually get de-indexed
  • Google bot can’t crawl many of your older posts because they are buried so deep inside your blog
  • Much of your blog content is invisible to online searches because it is not receiving a continuous flow of link juice

Dear Warriors,

When it comes to making money onlinecontent is king’. The greatest asset you have as an Internet Marketer is the content posted to your blog.

The more content you have on your site, the more keywords google has indexed, the more money you will make.


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SEO Outsourcer

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Hey Warriors,

Jamie “GoGetta” Garside here and today I am about to change the way you outsource SEO FOREVER!

Big claim I know, but, let me get straight to the point……

We all know how monotonous SEO is when it comes to backlinking, but without it, our online marketing campaigns go nowhere. It is the same for local SEO too, without backlinking client websites, you do not get the results…..FACT!

So, what are your CHOICES?

Well, you could of course go out there and build Backlink after Backlink and spend hours, days, even weeks of your time working on just one SEO campaign, hoping to see results.

You could also enter the world of outsourcing, and put all of your trust and hope on an offshore outsourcing company, just hoping they pull through with the results they promise.

Well, today, you do not have to imagine this, as I am about to hand you the opportunity to do exactly that…..

Let me introduce…..

So, What Exactly Is SEO OUTSOURCER?

As far as my online and offline business goes, I have not built a manual backlink for SEO purposes for around 2 years!

This is because I have built a team of trusted, tested and reliable off shore SEO service providers and employees. This team of service providers and employees has allowed me to outsource every single backlinking campaign I have ever needed to do when it comes to either my online campaigns, or my local clients.


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Justin Popovic AKA JustinP

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Coaching Programs – Justin offers a variety of coaching programs to his clients. Click the link to learn more.

Speaking – Before Justin began his entrepreneurial career, he was a corporate trainer for 7 years. Now, Justin offers both motivational and business presentations. Justin has spoken at a number of events and for various organizations in Canada. His list of speaking engagements includes SEO Presentation at Wordcamp Detroit, Keynote speaker atWilfred Laurier University student union conference and leadership conference, Life Skills trainer for Georgian College“Step Up” program, Program Creator and Professor at Georgian College, Motivational speaker at University of Waterloograd student program, as well as many other private corporate and high school speaking events. To inquire about Justin as a speaker, please visit the Contact Us page.

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Justin Popovic Personal Blog – As an avid WordPress user, Justin maintains many websites. His personal blog contains information about online marketing as well as general life stuff. This is still a new blog and will be growing over time so be sure to check back frequently.

WordPress Biz Engine – This is a membership program designed by Justin and his business partner Ted Paynegeared towards the business owner who needs a better online presence. This is a training and mentoring platform that helps you build a rich website, drive traffic and build your business online.

Best Quality PLR – Another membership program from Justin and Ted. PLR stands for “Private Label Rights” which is a very popular style of digital product online. If you are a marketer looking for powerful content to sell and grow your following, be sure to check out this membership program. In just a few short months, it has already made a big splash in the PLR world.

7 Day Brainwash – A unique personal development product created by Justin along with his business partner Brad Gosse. As full time online business owners, they have received many coaching and consulting requests. Almost every client requires a lot of personal changes in their life before they can begin to implement the business fundamentals to succeed as entrepreneurs. This program provides the platform for that transformation.

Quit Your Job Manual – A popular program created by Justin in response to a number of discussions he had with people who felt “stuck” in their job. The idea of running a business full time may appear glamorous on the surface but can be a disaster waiting to happen if not executed correctly. This program allows anyone to properly plan their exit from employee and their entrance into entrepreneurship.

More Digital Products – Please visit this link to see the ever growing catalog of digital products produced by Justin and his business partners.