SEO Powerpack Oct 12: Screw The EMD-Update and Kill Negative SEO

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SEO .EDU Powerpack – DOFOLLOW!

Supercharge Your SEO, KILL “Negative SEO” & Screw The “EMD-Update”!
(even (especially!) post Panda/Pingu/Google-Poop…)

DoFollow, Contextual Links From Your Own EDU Blogs!

Hey there,

let me cut straight to the chase: 

if you’re doing any form of SEO, you know about the power of having dofollow backlinks from high authority (read: high PR) .EDU domains. 

Especially, when they are *contextual* backlinks, meaning YOU create the content in which you place the keyword – none of that stupid blog-commenting where your backlinks is surrounded by tons of “hey, great post man” comments.


Because every single one of Google’s updates was about IMPROVING QUALITY!

And there’s nothing that screams QUALITY more than HIGHPR .EDU backlinks!

And that’s what I’ve got for you today:

10 Super-High PR, do-follow .EDU sites
 where YOU have full control over the content and where YOU leave a backlink with YOUR chosen keyword to any site you like.

PR9 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU SOLD OUT
PR9 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU SOLD OUT
PR8 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU CURRENTLY SELLING
PR8 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU
PR8 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU
PR8 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU
PR8 home domain – US University 
PR7 home domain – US University 
PR6 home domain – US University 
PR7 home domain – US University WIKI .EDU

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High Page Rank Backlinks–20 Page Rank 8 and Page Rank 9 Backlinks for one low price!

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That’s right!! 20 Page Rank 8 and above High Quality Backlinks to propel your site to the TOP of Google. 

Kick the Panda to the curb, send the Penguin back to the South Pole.

Get the High Quality, Authority Backlinks that Google loves!! And yes, these backlinks still work beautifully. I created a brand new website for a client that was purchased, set up, and optimized (partially with these very links) AFTER both the Panda and the Penguin updates and that website is sitting at Number One in Google right now for a HUGE “Money Keyword“. It’s also on Page One for another related “Money Keyword“. These keywords are worth THOUSANDS of dollars.

All these Backlinks are Do Follow.


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SEO Sticking Point Solution: Authority Sites

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Feeling like your SEO efforts are all over the place? Feeling like your focus is scattered and your resources are spread too thin? Well, it’s time to win the Google Traffic War once and for all because…

Today is the Day You FOCUS Your SEO Efforts, Multiply Your Strength, And Build The Traffic Sucking, Competition Destroying, Panda Proof Authority Site That Will Give You The Internet Marketer’s Lifestyle You Deserve!


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Social Metrics Pro

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First Page Ranking with Social Signals!
Start Measuring Your Social Signals
The Way Google Sees It!

“Now How’d you know how well you are doing with Social Signals?”

Have you ever wondered why, after doing tons of On-page SEO and building a massive amount of backlinks, you still are not getting the ranking you have always wanted?

Guess what! Since the Panda update, Google has put a lot of effort into tracking Social Signals. In other words, if your site is not visible in the top social networks, you may not get the BEST results out of your current SEO efforts.

So what’s the answer? It’s so simple! Just add some social marketing to the mix and you may be ahead of your competitors! Believe it or not, Social Signals will influence more and more first page rankings. Google is tracking the social signals of your sites, no doubt about that.

It’s time to track and measure how well you are doing with social signals the way you have always wanted!

“Aha! It’s Social Signal!


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The Bamboo Method

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Dear Fellow Warriors,

Discover the Missing Link That Will Get you IncrediblePost-Panda Rankings 

Resulting In More Sales, More Cash in your Bank, And Financial Freedom 

Faster than Ever Before.

In this short report you will discover exactly what Google looks for first And what 95% of Internet marketers completely overlook when starting new projects

“Stop thinking and just BUY THIS NOW!”
Hey my fellow Warriors,

I know you’ve heard of the latest Google “Panda” update. If not, then you’ve literally been living under a rock. Google slapped the entire web making millions of pages drop out the rankings, and some disappearing altogether. 

If you are doing SEO post panda then you run a serious risk of getting slapped, and you WILL lose sales!

You needed a solution that solves the post-panda apocalyptic world, where bamboo-site guzzling panda’s have taken over, and sites are being devoured. 

If you’re trying to rank websites in Google post-panda then you will sufferextreme problems every step of the way.


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Veronica’s In-Content Link Building WSO

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Google is on to you!
Old school link building is for suckers.

Did The Panda Kick Your A**!??

Discover the Strategy from a $1k/Week Link Builder 
to Google Proof Your Online Business!!

Dear Warrior,

You don’t need another ‘expert’ telling you a ‘secret’ to ranking your sites and getting traffic. You do need simple, solid information on what has been working and that’s all this is. I won’t scream at you in big red letters that you HAVE to have this. If you’re tired of paying for the same link ‘pyramids’, ‘wheels’ and whooptidoo’s, then read on though.

Stop banging your head against the wall with SEO

Are you struggling to come up with quality links? In this report you will learn how I go about building in-content links. This isn’t about buying into high PR homepage networks, blog comments, Blogger, Squidoo, profile links, etc…

What are these links worth? Well, I’ll put it this way. I’ve been working with an SEO company for probably nine months. I mostly work on one, particular large site for them and I make roughly $1k a week from them (If I had time, I am allowed up to 3k per week!). I highly doubt that they would continue to allot such a budget to a single person if they weren’t happy. What do you think?

The old ways haven’t been working for a long time


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Strategic Link Building Panda Edition-Step by Step Link Building Blueprint, 20+ Video Tutorials, Social Profile Builder Software

100+ sales in days


ATT: If a link building is a massive time-suck and you have a boatload of confusion after the Google Panda updates, then this is probably the most important message you will ever read.

“How To Build Evergreen Backlinks That Drive Targeted Traffic And Get Your Website To The TOP Spot In Google For Multiple Keywords At The Same Time”

Use The Resources You Already Have And My A-Z Plan To Shoot Your Website To The Top Spot In Google For Multiple Keywords At Once



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Panda Cash On Steroids

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