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From the desks of Andy “Net66” Brocklehurst and Guy “Az-sno” SmithDear Warrior,

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Hello Fellow Warrior!

Lee Cole and AJ, here! 

This is me…Lee… 

(We would show you AJ’s picture…but he won’t even use his own picture on his Facebook profile. The one he uses is his year old nephew!)

Now that you’ve at least put a face to a name, let’s talk about offline…and how you can start making real money at it!… 

We know you’re probably just as tired as we are of reading long intros to sales letters that fill up a lot of space and really tell you nothing about the product. So, let’s just assume we typed up some really wicked copy that basically says the following: 

  • We both struggled when we got started. We now have this stuff figured out…And…
  • We were going to go with some crazy cool design on this WSO page that would make you want to buy it…but we just went with basic text!

Now that we have that out of the way, all you really need to know is this: In the last year, we have coached numerous students to getting their 1st client. Last time we counted, we’ve had 23 students tell their boss to go jump in a lake! 

So, how have we been so successful in helping others quit their jobs and start very lucrative, full-time offline careers? 

We’ve identified two areas that are real stumbling blocks for virtually everyone…When getting started, most folks don’t know two big things…

  • What to Sell…and…
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Let’s talk about these two issues.

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Social Hub Submitter

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