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Advertising Trends: The Top 5 Must-Know Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

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Are you trying to stay up with the latest marketing trends so that your company can grow its audience? With advertising constantly changing with the rise of social media marketing and eCommerce, it can feel hard to keep up with the newest, hottest trends your company needs.

Keep reading to learn about the biggest advertising trends we will be seeing this year so that you can get the most out of your marketing plan and budget.

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1. A More Shoppable Social

Rather than posting on social media to get your followers to your site, platforms like Instagram are making it much easier with social commerce. Social commerce is a shoppable post or ads, meaning the viewer just needs to click the product tag on the photo to head to its product page and make a purchase on your site.

This makes it as easy as possible for customers to make a purchase with you, an important quality in our convenience-based society. The fewer steps you provide in product purchasing can help to decrease your companies percentage of cart abandonment.

Linking your shop to social media platforms is also pretty easy, as Instagram and Facebook work to link to your eCommerce site. Platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest are also rolling out this feature.

2. Revamping Email Marketing

Email marketing remains to be a great way to reach your customers in 2020, but many companies are taking their emails to a whole new level. Many brands are saying goodbye to newsletters, or plain letter emails full of text and are instead focusing on high-quality images and graphics. This approach is eyecatching to viewers and also lets them quickly scan the information you’re sending them.

Images overlayed with interactive, call to action buttons such as “Shop Now!” and “50% Off” that customers can click to connect to a certain page on your site are a great way to lead someone to make an easy purchase. Creating stunning images and graphics for email marketing is the best way to captivate your subscribers this year.

3. Influencers Still Thriving, But in New Ways

While influencers are still going to be a great way to market to new audiences this year, many companies are turning to micro-influencers as well. A micro-influencer is someone with a medium-sized following that is more niche. With the rise of the mega-influencer within the last few years, hiring them to market your product can get pricey, which is where micro-influencers come in handy.

A great way to utilize micro-influencers is to find one who is more tailored to your audience. This assures that your influencer and their audiences are more likely to be interested in your brand and products. The micro-influencer is more likely to be in touch with their followers, and not overwhelming them with product referrals.

Another upside to using micro-influencer is that they have much more time to engage with their followers. As engagement rates become more important than ever, this can be a great way to get people talking about your brand and products.

4. Engagement to the Next Level

Social media engagement has become increasingly important over the years, and companies are taking communication with their customers to a whole new level. Many companies are using direct messaging (DM) with customers to get more personal and accessible to their consumers.

This tactic helps to increase sales, as customers can directly message your brand to ask questions about products they are interested in purchasing. By answering customer questions and concern, they are much more likely to make a purchase with you, lowering your abandoned sale rates. This is a great way to build brand awareness, loyalty and trust with customers old and new.

By giving your customers a convenient place to contact you it can also be more convenient for your company to address these concerns via DM rather than phone calls and emails. If you roll out this feature, be sure to let your followers know to DM you for questions, comments and concerns.

5. Video Marketing Is a Must

As digital marketing is finding new ways to covey quick, easy and personal content, it’s no surprise that video marketing is going to become a must for companies in 2020. Thankfully, social platforms are making it much easier to use this marketing strategy. You can avoid building a whole YouTube community and instead launch videos on Instagram and Facebook instead.

Try posting live broadcast or video posts to engage your customers. This method is much more compelling, interesting and eye-catching when viewers are scrolling their feed.

This is also a great way to pack in tons of information without having to give your audience long pages of text. Make sure your team brainstorms on interesting topics and ideas that would engage your followers.

There are plenty of video content topic options, such as an informational video about one of your new products, or a behind the scenes look into your office. This kind of marketing is so engaging because you’re getting personal with your audiences, helping them and also bringing them into the interworkings of your brand.

If you’re trying to organize your marketing plan and budget, book a QuickBooks training session today.

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Digital Advertising Trends You Should Be Using In 2020

If you’re not already incorporating these advertising trends into your marketing plan, you should start. Make sure your company is at the top of its marketing game with these engaging advertising techniques that can grow your following and customer base.

For more articles on digital marketing, be sure to check out our latest article on Stacked Marketer and how they continue to deliver industry breaking news through email and social media!

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The Importance of Coming Soon Pages (with Examples)

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Promoting your website is one of the few universal keys that unlock the doors of digital success. Creating good content is super important. Running good campaigns, alluring design, collaborations, creativity…all of those pieces play a very important role respectively, but promotion is just one step above, because regardless of the outstanding quality of your content, how can anyone see it of you don’t spread the word? 

There are many great techniques of promotion, but one of the most prolific ones, reserved for only the superfine players that know success is right around the corner, is pre promotion. Some people start their promotion from their first postings, but losing out all of the users and traffic that you can attract from starting to spread the word out before the website itself gets launched? Not a chance! 

You need to build the story up, get people hyped about their new favorite bookmark and emphasize that there is a great new story coming up and that they need to be a part of it. That’s where the ‘coming soon’ page kicks in. By setting it up and promoting it on social media, forums, comments and other sections, you get an audience before the content itself gets released. 

complicated software

Coming Soon Pages — What They Are and Why You Need Them

Firstly, you need to set up a good looking coming soon page – humans are visual beings and if the design meets their appetites, there is a much higher chance that they will stick around. The next step would be to add all of the relevant information about the website that is going to emerge in the following period. The countdown timer is a beautiful touch so the people know exactly when to expect your website to log in, and in addition it gives a tone of anticipation and excitement which works highly in your favor. 

Throwing in an email subscription form is of very high value as well. Offer some type of promotional discounts, newsletters or something similar for the upcoming users to engage in a reward system for their loyalty. A coming soon page can do wonders for your SEO, because if you start optimizing before the launch, you will get better results faster. And as pointed out in these landing page examples, when creating a ‘coming soon’ page for your site, you will also want to make sure it represents your brand and first impression as well.

So much sure to include the following elements on your coming soon page:

  • Contact info or contact form
  • Brand logo and why the site is down
  • Links to your preferred social platforms
  • An email subscribe form for updates

By having all of these in place, you will see much better results with your temporary page, versus just throwing a white page up and saying “come back later”. By linking out to your social profile pages, this is also a great way to bring in new followers while your site is under construction.

Since we agree on how social media is important for the growth and overall success to your website, it’s extremely important to include these elements within your pages, while also making them easy to view and access at all times. Your coming soon page is the perfect place to pin your social media accounts with buttons, so you can drive more users towards the accounts where you will frequently notify them about all updates of your website.

When you engage in the process of website making, it can be a messy place with tools all around the floor – disordered sections, plugins randomly working, widgets out of place…it’s not an environment to brag with, and no potential user should have that kind of unflattering insights that will scare them away immediately. Same goes for updating your website or doing some type of construction work where your website is under maintenance, and the visitors just shouldn’t stick around under those circumstances.

And what is the solution? The fitting plugin of course! 

To set the most remarkable coming soon page or under maintenance mode, get the hype up, raise awareness and spread the word, expand on social media and email marketing fields, kickoff the SEO and create the best story possible, you need a helping hand from the right tools that will stand by your side. 

Popular Coming Soon Page and Under Maintenance Solutions

Just like everything when it comes to site design or using WordPress, you are going to have plenty of solutions to choose from. The same is true for coming soon pages for your site as well. And it’s not just about choosing a design, it’s also about knowing which options are best and where to find the right customization and features for each.

Not sure which ones to pick from the wide selection of available plugins? Don’t worry because we are about to cover the best ones for you to choose from and snatch your new loyal helper:


1.) Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

You’ve got a thing for plugins that make your life easier with straightforward features that you’ll actually use, that is simple to learn and use and that will do the job just as you like it? Well you’ve arrived at the right place. One of the most crucial perks is what you care about the most, and that is the speed that won’t get brought down even by a bit. It keeps things clean, fast with a design that you’ll be able to craft to your exact will. Let’s jump into the features and discover what you obtain with this plugin:

1 Million+ Free Images

In the digital sphere, sight is distinguished as the most important sense, considering our visualizing nature, which leads us to a conclusion that remarkable images are a must have on your website. And with over a million free specimens in high quality, you will undoubtedly find the ones you need.

120+ Remarkable Themes

No matter what type of business you’ve got rolling, finding a theme will not cause a second of stress. Simply customize it to your own preferences and enjoy a wide selection of professional, attention-grabbing, remarkable themes.

Get Things Done Faster

While creating this plugin, the focus was streamed towards making it simple to learn and use, instead of creating something that will waste your time by producing a complicated software that takes hours to master. Download and start working!

Easy Access for Clients

It’s time to show off your progress and hard work on your website, but only to the client? With this feature, you will be able to generate a secret access link and provide it to your client for them to be satisfied, but still keep it a secret from the users.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode includes more features, such as SEO setup with analysis, search engine preferences, Google analytics, or email collecting compatibility with autoresponder, CRM, webinar and marketing software, but I’ll leave it to you to poke around and satisfy your curiosity by clicking here. A touch of class from this plugin is the Risk-Free Guarantee policy, where if you don’t like a plugin within the next seven days, you will get a full refund. Will you use this feature? I’m pretty sure not. There is only one way to find out.


2.) UnderConstructionPage

Introducing the Swiss Army Knife of coming soon and under construction pages that has the solution for every scenario you might encounter. This plugin beautifully fulfills its purpose, but the fact that it takes so little effort to get so good results is what makes it stand out. Claiming that it has absolutely everything you need to create a perfect coming soon or under construction page needs to be corroborated, and there is no better way to do it than reviewing the features:

Beginner Friendly Drag & Drop Builder

Your level of expertise becomes irrelevant when using this plugin because the usage simplicity makes it approachable by everyone. User-friendly, fast and functional.

1 million+ Premium Images

We’ve mentioned the importance of images in online content creating, and with over a million of them in HD and 4K resolutions, this section gets an A+ degree. Search for the ones that meet your needs and get everything done within clicking range.

210+ Templates

When you are in a tight time schedule and need to setup an under construction page in less than a minute, what do you do? With this plugin, you set the timer, pick one of the 210 templates available, type in the appropriate text and stop the timer. Done within minutes, guaranteed!

Affiliate & Traffic Tracking

Tracked inbound links and targeted traffic for the best possible conversion rates are under check. Activate this feature and share away!

Add to that maximum flexibility and customizability of the entire website, exceptional support and even more features accessible, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Over 3.5 million downloads, countless 5 star reviews, Risk-Free Guarantee included in this plugin as well…there are more than a few reasons to give this plugin a test drive, and you can do it by clicking here.


3.) Maintenance

To end on a good note, we turn towards yet another exceptional plugin that exudes with simplicity and functionality – Maintenance. Tailored to look glorious on all devices, customizable through all relevant categories and simple for setting up and running, those would be the key words to describe this plugin. Its multilanguage feature allows you to translate the coming soon or under construction website in over 100 languages, and all it takes is one click. Collecting emails falls into the easy category for this plugin considering that it’s fully integrated with MailOptin, which then allows you to connect to MailChimp and other autoresponder services. Other features include:

  • retina ready HTML/CSS layout
  • Full-screen background (Backstretch)
  • Blur background effect
  • Upload your own logo
  • User login on frontend
  • 503 error on/off
  • Google analytics support
  • Exclude selected pages from Maintenance mode
  • Support for all popular caching plugins

A minimalistic approach that allows you to set everything up in minutes with precise features and completely free to use is what Maintenance is all about. Over 400,000 active installations; are you ready to become a part of the pack? If the answer is yes, click here.

All Sites Need a Well Designed Maintenance Page for All Situations

In conclusion, a coming soon page is vital for a strong start of your website. The benefits of promoting your upcoming content, strengthening your social media, upgrading the SEO…they are just too good to miss out on. When your website is going through crafting and preparing, there needs to be content available so the users know exactly what’s cooking, which is why a maintenance mode page can’t be left out. 

With these plugins, you will be able to get the perfect result every time, and whenever your website needs to go incognito, you’ll have the solution ready with only a few clicks. That’s why it’s time to give them a test run, pick the ideal one for your preferences and start constructing.

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Stacked Marketer Delivers Digital Marketing News and Trends

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Extra. Extra. Read all about it! Latest headlines in the digital marketing and affiliate space!

When you take a moment to look back and see what started from and what it became today, it’s quite amazing. From what originally started as a food/tech blog into a make money online blog… everyone was visiting the site to see how John was making money online, and what he’s been working on.

In short, it’s all about keeping up with the latest trends and see where, when and how people are growing their businesses online.

No matter where you look online you are going to find news, trending hashtags and topics covering every angle possible–but when it comes to finding news and headlines that are relevant to your business and all within your industry, that’s where the real value is.

For affiliate marketers, bloggers, brands and digital marketers… it’s all about the world of online marketing and finding out what everyone is up to. Whether it’s the latest acqusitions, legal news or marketing methods that are catching on big time, Stacked Marketer is there to deliver the goods.

What is Stacked Marketer and Who Runs It?

Stacked Marketer is the second-coming of “What The Aff”, which make industry headlines last year and became one of the most sought after and subscribed to newsletter in the industry.

As great as WTAFF was, the name had limit it’s potential and reach into different markets. Hence, “Stacked Marketer” was then born.

The good news is, all of the stuff that made WTAFF so awesome and great, is the exact same concept and process to create Stacked Marketer. It’s now just under a different name.

Emanuel Cinca is still the man behind the scenes and working the Stacked Marketer Crew to their full potential, while also providing subscribers with the best industry news and headlines possible. And not only has Emanuel done an excellent job with growing the brand into what it is today, he also makes it a goal to attend answer as many interview questions, and speak on different podcasts, while also attending as many conferences and events as possible.

food/tech blog

Whether you refer to it as “What the Aff” or “Stacked Marketer“, you will likely see the name trending across many internet marketing forums, social groups and even at conference events. You can even read about Stacked Marketer over on Zac Johnson’s blog, as he’s an avid subscriber to the newsletter as well.

How to Subscribe to the Stacked Marketer Daily Newsletter

Now that you have a good understanding on what Stacked Marketer is, and how it’s the next revolution of What The Aff, it’s time to tell you more about how to subscribe the newsletter and follow the brand across different platforms.

First off, join the mailing list with your best email. This is the best way to get the latest industry trends and headlines right into your email. There also aren’t any hoops or annoyances in place to complete this process.

Just visit and enter your email.


Next, be sure to follow Stacked Marketer on social media as well.

Since we all have our own preferred platform, SM has you covered on each of the major ones. This is also a great way to mix up when and how you discover and read the latest headlines circulating online.

Follow Stacked Marketer on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

The Content that Makes Entrepreneurs Love Stacked Marketer

As business owners and marketers, our time is precious — so the last thing we want to do is clutter up our inbox with more content and spam. The good news is, Stacked Marketer mailings are actually valuable, smart and fun to read through.

Below you will see a screenshot of a recent headline of theirs. Most people don’t care about headlines when referring to mailing lists or news, but the way SM does it is great. They use icons and attention seeking headlines that make you want to open. It’s also a nice quick and easy way to see what content and news is inside the latest mailing


Next up, the actual content of each mailing, It’s always going to be something good, and it’s often loaded with industry news, tutorials, and useful resources to help you grow your brand.

For example, this latest mailing had a section on how to “go from $k to $28 in 28 days“. Sounds like quite the task, but SM covers the topic, breaks it down and then provides the necessary resources to help you along the way.

money online

All of the content is written and delivered in a way that makes it’s a fast read, but is also easily aborbed. To see for yourself, be sure to the visit the site and get the latest copy sent right to your inbox. And if you really like the content, don’t forget to read through the previous mailings that are archived on the site.

Stacked Marketer Makes Digital Marketing News Easy

With the constant flow of new content flooding the internet and news coming out all the time, how are you ever supposed to actually get any work done? Throw social media and email into the mix and you are likely getting lost and distracted more often than not.

The good news is, Stacked Marketer’s daily mailings can save you a lot of time, while also keeping you informed with just a few minutes investment. The newsletter is free to join, and even if you don’t get to read each mailing, they make for a great collection of case studies and resources that you can always refer to at a later time.

If you haven’t already been a subscriber of What The Aff, be sure to sign up to Stacked Marketer today!

money online blog

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Stacked Marketer – Where Internet Marketers Go for Industry News

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In the world of affiliate marketing and internet business, what happens in one day could drastically change the landscape for your business for years to come. As affiliate marketers, bloggers and brands, we are heavily influenced by single industry changes, while also always keeping an eye on what happens with our fellow site partners and competition.

With all of this in mind, there are simply way too many sites, blogs, data sources and news feeds to keep an eye on. If you were to try and follow just a few sites, you would likely miss out on some of the hottest news and trends being mentioned earlier.

Throw social media into the mix and you are loaded up with even more resources and time-wasters… so what’s an internet marketer to do?

This is where Stacked Marketer comes into play.

Previously known as What The Aff, the extremely popular affiliate marketing focused site and newsletter is now branding under a new domain and name that expands that reach and focus to internet marketing as a whole.

Why the name Stacked Marketer and no longer What The Aff? This topic was discussed in detail on their Facebook Page, but it ultimately came down to them wanting to better brand themselves and not be limited to just the affiliate marketing industry.

They also broke it down into the following:

 STACKED: Because we bring you information on various traffic sources in various verticals, so you have a complete stack of marketing content to hone your skills. A full stack of skills, if you will…

 MARKETER: Because that’s you. You are a marketer, or at least a part of you is… It’s that simple.

So, besides what we already highlighted, what makes SM such a great source for information and simply one of the leaders when it comes to finding industry news as it happens? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to be diving into today!

Stacked Marketer – The Digital Marketers’ Daily Newsletter

First thing first, when it comes to absorbing any type of news online, it’s all about the way you want it delivered. Sites are great, but you will often forget to go back and visit, blogs are also cool, but how often are they going to update?

A better option is ultimately email. When joining the Stacked Marketer newsletter, you are getting a ton of original, funny, creative and useful information delivered to your inbox daily.

Best of all, there is no fluff or annoying content on their site that you need to weed through. Just visit, enter your email and you are good to go!

digital media outlets

If an email-based newsletter isn’t up your alley, you are in luck, as they are covered across all of the major social media platforms as well. Follow Stacked Marketer on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook Page

Stacked Marketer Provides Catchy Headlines and Killer Content

Let’s now talk about the meat and potatos of Stacked Marketer. With more than a billion sites on the internet, they must be really good at what they do in order to attract such a massive subscriber base and also getting profiled here today.

First off, they really do an excellent job with delivering high-quality content, and not in a boring way that makes them blend in with the rest of the news and digital media outlets in the world today.

Just take a look at few of their latest mailings and title headlines. Not only are they getting creative with their mailing, they are also using fun icons and catchy headlines that make you want to open and read.


However, the real meat and quality of Stacked Marketer shows within the mailing itself. In the title you get a glimpse of the topic covered, then when reading through the mailing you get the full breakdown–but also in a quick and easy summarized form.

For example, here is a recent write up on how to get trending on Reddit, the media buyer way. If you were to read something like this on any other major site, it would likely be full of fluff content and waste a good amount of your time.

Stacked Marketer does all of the necessary work to weed out the good, making it an easy read and also providing the necessary sources if you want to read more.

Internet Marketer

This is just one example, but each topic covered in their mailings are laid out in the same way. Easy reading with quick bullet points, bold lettering and images to keep you engaged.

Stacked Marketer Shares the Love with their Readers

How many times have you been to a website or blog and saw a social sharing button to share the content with others? It happens all the time, but most of us rarely actually share the content unless it’s super amazing.

Why? Simply because there isn’t much incentivization for us to do so.

Stacked Marketer realized this was a concern for them as well and wanted to do even more for their audience. Yes, they already create awesome content, but what if they could increase the value of sharing their content and mailing list to others as well?

That’s exactly what they did, and they have some pretty sweet rewards and bonuses that come along with it.

First, they had to make the process extremely easy–which they did. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the email and find the click to share link.

internet marketers

Once you do this, you will be sent over to your unique referral landing page. From here you can grab your referral link and keep track of how many new sign ups you’ve sent to Stacked Marketer.

  • Refer just 5 new subscribers and get access to the Stacked Marketer Insiders FB Group.
  • Send out a few social updates to bring in 10 referrals will get you a nice Stacked Marketer sticker pack.
  • Bring in 25 new referrals and you can represent with a solid Stacked Marketer shirt.

However, if you are a boss affiliate or have a nice following, you can really accumulate some nice rewards by referring free signups to Stacked Marketer in volume.

You’ll have to sign up the newsletter to see the full list, but if you refer 250 free email subscribers you will get a free ticket to Affiliate World Conference, Affiliate Summit or PI Live events. Bring in 1,000 and you can chill with The Crew in Schnitzel–all expenses paid!

internet marketing

Needless to say, Stacked Marketer is pretty awesome and I think many people are referring it to others without even knowing about the rewards. However, for everyone else, it’s a pretty cool incentive that they have in place.

Stacked Marketer is the Upper Edge Digital Marketers Need

Jumping back to the original conversation at the beginning of this article, as business owners and marketers, we have a lot of options. Not only do we need to run our businesses, we also need to keep an eye on what’s going around amongst us. Plus, we also have to better manage our time.

Stacked Marketer is yet another weapon that needs to be added to our arsenal so we save on time, improve our game and stay ahead of the competition.

Visit the site. Subscribe today, and become a STACKED MARKETER!

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