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NOTE: You will see some text flashing on the video in random places. It is there because I forgot to turn off my subliminal training program while making the video. The words that are flashing are about being focused, feeling good and that sort of thing.

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Client Flash Games

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Hello Fellow Warrior,

Most people on Warrior Forum know me for my no nonsense approach when it comes to offering Valuable and Profitable services for my clients, and what I have for you today offers you and your clients exactly that…

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[$5] Youtube Market Crusher – Templates and Training for Dominating your Competition on YouTube

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Update: Try the lite version for free! His site is way busy so you may have to keep checking back until the link works. Get It Here!

Here is a hidden jewel that I cannot understand why so many have passed over. This should be of use to millions of people that use Youtube for advertising. And the worst part is that it is only $5.

I will also be doing a review for this product so be watching for it. Do not let that keep you from buying now though!


Most people, including marketers, sign up for YouTube, upload one video and then complain that you can’t make money on YouTube.

I am here to tell you that is completely FALSE!

On numerous occasions, I have helped clients drive traffic from YouTube and MAKE MONEY! I have one client selling products on the side and making 10-15k per month, with most sales generated from YouTube. I also have another client whose YouTube channel has led to a European distribution of there products. I also have many local clients that have seen massive traffic and calls generated directly from there YouTube channels!

What do all of these successes have in common? They used YouTube as a way to inform clients and drive traffic. They treat there YouTube channels as an information source, and they brand their channels to make sure visitors know who they are and see them as professionals.

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