5 Tools to Find Influencers in Your Industry

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By now you are quite familiar with the value of using influencer marketing to grow and develop your business. Working hand in hand with the right influencer can boost your brand’s marketing efforts by driving sales, reaching new audiences, improving the trustworthiness of your brand. In research conducted by Twitter, …

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The post 5 Tools to Find Influencers in Your Industry appeared first on Affiliate Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov.

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5 Tools to Find Influencers in Your Industry

This may be of interest to you.

By now you are quite familiar with the value of using influencer marketing to grow and develop your business. Working hand in hand with the right influencer can boost your brand’s marketing efforts by driving sales, reaching new audiences, improving the trustworthiness of your brand. In research conducted by Twitter, …

5 Tools to Find Influencers in Your Industry Read More »

The post 5 Tools to Find Influencers in Your Industry appeared first on Affiliate Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov.

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The Loneliest Generation

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You don’t need to hang out on the Internet for very long before you’re hit with another stereotype about millennials. They’re too soft and coddled, you might hear, as someone from an older generation says that these kids just need to grow up and take care of themselves. They’re too entitled, you might also hear, as some people might see these young professionals who demand to have everything served to them on a silver platter. The list goes on and on. But here’s another little snippet for you to consider.

One Is the Loneliest Number

According to a recent poll conducted by YouGov, millennials are the loneliest generation, at least among those they asked. Of millennials polled, 30 percent indicated that they “always” or “often” feel lonely. Compare that to 20 percent of Generation X and 15 percent of Baby Boomers. But it doesn’t stop there.

Among the millennials polled, 22 percent said they had zero friends, 30 percent said they had no best friends, and 27 percent said they had no close friends. It’s startling, on some level, considering that millennials are arguably the most connected generation (Generation Z was not included in this survey).

Between the ubiquitous of social media and the ease of online messaging, almost anyone in the world can be reached at any time. And yet, millennials feel lonely. Maybe they’re just entitled, right?

Forever Alone?

To this end, it’s important to make a critical distinction. Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing. If you choose to be by yourself, curled up with a good book under a tree, you are alone. But you are not lonely. To be lonely implies that you are sad because you have no friends or company. It’s the desire for genuine human interaction, not just a superficial exchange at a coffee shop or some shared quips on Twitter.

food tour

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this problem of loneliness isn’t just one tackled by millennials or aging retirees. It’s a problem that is increasingly common among online entrepreneurs and bloggers, like those who wish to pursue the dot com lifestyle. Working from home, by yourself, can be a very isolating experience. You don’t get those everyday, happenstance exchanges at the water cooler or photocopy machine with your colleagues.

And because you don’t have a traditional schedule and there’s always something that can be done, you sometimes skip out on social engagements with friends because you want to finish that blog post or work on that affiliate marketing sales funnel. Hustle is good, in many ways, but it can leave you feeling alone too. And lonely.

Social Isolation and the Dot Com Lifestyle

Remember that “alone” and “loneliness” aren’t the same thing. If the most important people in your life don’t understand or appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish with your online business, you can feel incredibly lonely.

Even if your home office is rife with distractions, particularly if you have roommates or children, you can feel like it’s you against the world. It can be a maddening experience, especially if you don’t achieve some semblance of early success to keep spurring you on. You need that motivation.

Taken as a whole, millennials start more businesses than other generations. Part of this is due to circumstances, most assuredly, but also due to the accessibility of starting an online business. Or maybe millennials are just more entrepreneurial in spirit, though we also recognize that entrepreneurship can be an awfully lonely experience too. Blogging may seem like a social endeavor, but most of the time, you’re alone in front of the computer.

Networking Solutions

generation x

This is why it’s so critically important that you connect with other like-minded people in your area who share similar types of ambitions. That’s why I started attending Dot Com Pho. That’s why John continues with a weekly Dot Com Lunch.

Even though you have all these grand goals and visions for what you want to do with your online business, you need the social interaction of a football game and food tour with a fellow blogger friend. Or maybe you need to organize a dad blogger camping trip, ironically away from the depths of omni-present Internet and technology.

On some level, yes, you’re in this Internet business alone. But on another level, you don’t have to be lonely.


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Stacked Marketer Delivers Digital Marketing News and Trends

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Extra. Extra. Read all about it! Latest headlines in the digital marketing and affiliate space!

When you take a moment to look back and see what started from and what it became today, it’s quite amazing. From what originally started as a food/tech blog into a make money online blog… everyone was visiting the site to see how John was making money online, and what he’s been working on.

In short, it’s all about keeping up with the latest trends and see where, when and how people are growing their businesses online.

No matter where you look online you are going to find news, trending hashtags and topics covering every angle possible–but when it comes to finding news and headlines that are relevant to your business and all within your industry, that’s where the real value is.

For affiliate marketers, bloggers, brands and digital marketers… it’s all about the world of online marketing and finding out what everyone is up to. Whether it’s the latest acqusitions, legal news or marketing methods that are catching on big time, Stacked Marketer is there to deliver the goods.

What is Stacked Marketer and Who Runs It?

Stacked Marketer is the second-coming of “What The Aff”, which make industry headlines last year and became one of the most sought after and subscribed to newsletter in the industry.

As great as WTAFF was, the name had limit it’s potential and reach into different markets. Hence, “Stacked Marketer” was then born.

The good news is, all of the stuff that made WTAFF so awesome and great, is the exact same concept and process to create Stacked Marketer. It’s now just under a different name.

Emanuel Cinca is still the man behind the scenes and working the Stacked Marketer Crew to their full potential, while also providing subscribers with the best industry news and headlines possible. And not only has Emanuel done an excellent job with growing the brand into what it is today, he also makes it a goal to attend answer as many interview questions, and speak on different podcasts, while also attending as many conferences and events as possible.

food/tech blog

Whether you refer to it as “What the Aff” or “Stacked Marketer“, you will likely see the name trending across many internet marketing forums, social groups and even at conference events. You can even read about Stacked Marketer over on Zac Johnson’s blog, as he’s an avid subscriber to the newsletter as well.

How to Subscribe to the Stacked Marketer Daily Newsletter

Now that you have a good understanding on what Stacked Marketer is, and how it’s the next revolution of What The Aff, it’s time to tell you more about how to subscribe the newsletter and follow the brand across different platforms.

First off, join the mailing list with your best email. This is the best way to get the latest industry trends and headlines right into your email. There also aren’t any hoops or annoyances in place to complete this process.

Just visit and enter your email.


Next, be sure to follow Stacked Marketer on social media as well.

Since we all have our own preferred platform, SM has you covered on each of the major ones. This is also a great way to mix up when and how you discover and read the latest headlines circulating online.

Follow Stacked Marketer on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

The Content that Makes Entrepreneurs Love Stacked Marketer

As business owners and marketers, our time is precious — so the last thing we want to do is clutter up our inbox with more content and spam. The good news is, Stacked Marketer mailings are actually valuable, smart and fun to read through.

Below you will see a screenshot of a recent headline of theirs. Most people don’t care about headlines when referring to mailing lists or news, but the way SM does it is great. They use icons and attention seeking headlines that make you want to open. It’s also a nice quick and easy way to see what content and news is inside the latest mailing


Next up, the actual content of each mailing, It’s always going to be something good, and it’s often loaded with industry news, tutorials, and useful resources to help you grow your brand.

For example, this latest mailing had a section on how to “go from $k to $28 in 28 days“. Sounds like quite the task, but SM covers the topic, breaks it down and then provides the necessary resources to help you along the way.

money online

All of the content is written and delivered in a way that makes it’s a fast read, but is also easily aborbed. To see for yourself, be sure to the visit the site and get the latest copy sent right to your inbox. And if you really like the content, don’t forget to read through the previous mailings that are archived on the site.

Stacked Marketer Makes Digital Marketing News Easy

With the constant flow of new content flooding the internet and news coming out all the time, how are you ever supposed to actually get any work done? Throw social media and email into the mix and you are likely getting lost and distracted more often than not.

The good news is, Stacked Marketer’s daily mailings can save you a lot of time, while also keeping you informed with just a few minutes investment. The newsletter is free to join, and even if you don’t get to read each mailing, they make for a great collection of case studies and resources that you can always refer to at a later time.

If you haven’t already been a subscriber of What The Aff, be sure to sign up to Stacked Marketer today!

money online blog

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5 Big Reasons to Embrace Video in 2020

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Better late than never, right? Maybe you feel like you may have already missed the train when it comes to online video, but that’s truly not the case. If you haven’t embraced video as part of your overall content strategy, though, you are missing out on a world of opportunity. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect, because there’s so much to be gained from embracing video in 2020. 

Here are five of the best reasons why you should get into video in a big way this year.

Foster the Human Connection

Long gone are the days when content could more or less stand on its own. I mean, it still can, but a much bigger part of the equation now has to do with nurturing the relationship you have with your readers and followers. Your content still needs substance and value, of course, but the fact of the matter is that your readers can consume all kinds of similar content from hundreds or thousands of other content creators.


What makes you unique is, well, you. Let that personality come shining through and demonstrate that you are indeed a real, three-dimensional, living, breathing human being. You are a real person with real depth and feelings and insights. It’s only when you do this that your readers can develop a sense of trust with you. 

Words can only go so far, and people have become increasingly skeptical of heavily edited photos. Video, especially in-the-moment and increasingly unedited and authentic video, really connects.

Captivate the Mobile Audience

The best place where you can see the biggest impact with online video is on mobile. When people sit down at their computers, they’re much more inclined to read an article or sift through other forms of content than when they are on their smartphones (and tablets). 

The latest stats reveal that mobile video consumption is growing by 100% every year. Whereas watching a video on a mobile device only made up about 14% of all online videos in 2013, that figure has skyrocketed to over 60% as of the second quarter of 2018. Nearly two-thirds of all online video is watched on a phone or tablet. You need to get in on that.

Make It Easy to Consume

This ties in to the previous point. Let’s be perfectly honest with one another here. People are lazy. Articles like these can be useful and I’m happy you’re here to read it. But, if we were to convert this text into a short YouTube video, there’s a good chance that you’d rather watch that, right? I know I would.


This is a big reason why video plays such a big role here on John Chow dot Com, as well as on countless other websites and across various social platforms for many a blogger, marketer and influencer alike. People want things to be easy, and watching a video is way easier than reading a chart, perusing an article or even listening to a podcast. 

Explore the Possibilities

True, YouTube is very much the elephant in the room here. That’s obvious enough. But what you’ll find is that even if you don’t want to put in the effort to carefully plan, script, shoot and edit a video for that platform, you can still take embrace video in 2020.

Keep it simple and spontaneous with Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories. Share slightly longer videos on IGTV, or throw something together to share with your followers on Twitter and Facebook. Do your demographics skew toward a younger, hipper generation? TikTok might be where you’ll find your biggest following.

Leverage The Search Advantage

You’ve likely heard this before and you’re probably going to hear it again, but it’s even more important in 2020 than ever before. From a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint, video offers a HUGE advantage. Google LOVES video and you’ll find that relevant YouTube videos often appear right at the top of the search results.

This means that if you produce a high quality video on a topic and it ranks well in YouTube, it could also land on you on the first page of Google, above equally good written content on other websites. But even if it’s not on Google search itself, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. 

Many people search for topics on YouTube before they even search the rest of the web. Get in on that video action. 

Just Get Started

It’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t bother with online video unless you have the best possible equipment. Sure, better equipment can produce better-looking video with higher production value, but stellar content shot on mediocre equipment will always be better than mediocre content shot on stellar equipment.

John Chow

You don’t need that expensive camera. You might find that a $200 vlogging setup is more than adequate. Realistically, the camera on your smartphone is probably already better than what you’d be able to get out of a point-and-shoot. If you’ve already spent upwards of $1000 on a phone (if not more), why not leverage it as a business tool beyond mobile games and silly selfies?

The point is you just need to get started with what you have. And it starts with embracing video right now. What are you going to shoot first? 

mobile device

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You Tube Market Crusher Review

I have finally been able to get this package downloaded – this is a large package for me at over 250mb – and here is my review.

I think this is great.

For a $5 fee you get 8 psd’s in 8 subjects. They are named Bank Vault, Colorful, Lawyer, Outdoors, Roller, Software Package, Space Age, and Top Banner.

You also get 5 videos that tell you how to use Photoshop to easily edit these images to make them into whatever you want. One of the videos gives you info on how to use this with Twitter.

With 8 templates and all of the changes that you can make in a matter of minutes you will be able to create an unlimited number of  new templates. If you change the backgrounds and keep the template you will even have new creations.

If you are interested in this product you can read all about it and purchase it here.