Affiliate Sites Focused on One Product

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Q: Do you create an affiliate site based on 1 product that can be purchased at a place like Amazon? I’m an amazon affiliate.

Captain Shawn CollinsA: There is no one correct way to create an affiliate site.

I have lost track of the number of affiliate sites that I have created over the years, but I am pretty sure there was only ever one that was focused on a single product.

My site was called and it was a fan site about the book Ball Four by Jim Bouton. I still have the domain, but I’ve been pointing it straight to the Amazon page for the book for quite a while.

Anyhow, it’s a strategy that can work, but there are so many variables, such as the size of the audience, the commission, the price, etc.

The commission for a book on Amazon is 4.5%, so on a book that costs $15 you’re going to get $0.45 per sale. With a typical conversion rate of 2%, you’d have to send 100 clicks to make nearly $1.

When I was doing it I had a passion for the book and was generating a lot of unique content related to the book. It became pretty popular and the author even included the URL in the last edition of his book.

But it was never a huge success. It was one of lots of affiliate sites that would generate some money here and there. And that’s the key – don’t count on one niche site to make you a fortune. Experiment with a bunch of different topics and methods as an affiliate.

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